This week's On The Line poll: Do you support a motorcycle helmet law?

By Staff | Jul 03, 2014

Rockland — This week we are asking, "Should all motorcyclists in Maine be required to wear helmets?"

Adults in Maine, who are not on a learner's permit or first-year licensees, are allowed to ride without helmets. Efforts to require a universal helmet law have met with stiff resistance from motorcyclists in the past.

What do you think?

See our attached chart for results from last week's On The Line poll about the Governor's race.

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Comments (5)
Posted by: Susan Sinclair | Jul 04, 2014 06:39

Oh, Michael, I'm with you 2000%. Why are engines even allowed to be manufactured that way? So motorcyclists can say screw everyone else and feel somehow better about their insecure little selves. Weird, so weird.

Posted by: Michael McMahon | Jul 03, 2014 22:54

I would support more enforcement on loud exhausts. Nothing like enjoying a summer evening and hearing a motorcycle that's a mile away.


Posted by: Neil F Harris | Jul 03, 2014 20:43

In an automobile if you were to lose control while not wearing a seat belt it's very likely that you will not maintain position in the drivers seat to properly brake or steer which could result in others injurys. Not wearing a helmet on a motorcycle is strictly a safety device for the one wearing it. If they chose to not wear one they are not risking others lives.

Posted by: Robin Gabe | Jul 03, 2014 17:39

Oh, like seat belts??

Posted by: Susan Sinclair | Jul 03, 2014 17:25

I've watched three motorcyclists die in my far. One was the cyclist's fault, two were totally innocent. They ALL wore helmets, but the pink cloud happened anyway. Helmets are probably a waste of time and money, and those who don't wear helmets accept that. I think it's stupid to force people to use "safety" devices that they don't want to use, especially when it makes little difference.

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