Things to buy for your first home

By Jennifer Noble | Jun 30, 2017

First-time homeowners are always appreciative of gifts for their new home. It’s not required to purchase a new homeowner a gift to welcome them to their new home, but it’s a thoughtful and lovely concept. Many first-time homeowners haven’t lived on their own before, and many might not be aware of precisely what they need to make a house a home. When you take the time to consider a thoughtful first-time homebuyer gift to present to the new homeowners in your life, it conveys to them you are always around to help them navigate this new journey. All you need is a few suggestions to get you started. These are useful, thoughtful, and necessary gifts for people who are moving into their first home.


High-Quality Knives


One item many new homeowners might not realize they need when they move into their new home is a set of high-quality knives. This is a gift for the whole family because it makes time in the kitchen more productive. The kitchen is the room in which families make the bulk of their memories because they spend so much time in this room. With high-quality knives, they’ll enjoy nights cooking together, trying new recipes, and making family traditions that will live on in future generations.


A Yard Tool Kit


First-time homeowners are first-time landscapers. If you’re looking for a thoughtful and useful gift, try presenting homeowners with a lovely gift box filled with yard supplies. Chances are good they’re not owners of shovels, rakes, garden gloves, and even a water hose. The best part of a gift like this is you can personalize it all you want. Throw in a few packages of seeds, some lovely hanging plants, and even a gift card to the local home improvement store. Spending time working in the yard is not only a lovely want to spend time, it’s also good for your health. What gift is better than the gift of exercise and good health?


A Personalized Welcome Sign


Personalized gifts are always the best because they imply thought was put into them. This is not to say gifts that aren’t personalized aren’t lovely, but personalizing something shows homeowners you thought about them several weeks before presenting them with a gift. A personalized welcome sign with their last name and the date their new home was established can hang beautifully above the front door. A lovely wreath with the year they bought they home can hang on the front door, or a welcome mat with the date their happy home was established is another lovely idea for a new homeowner.


Entertaining Accessories


Homeowners new to the game might not have much in the way of entertaining, and a gift filled with lovely ideas is always welcome. Think about a fun entertaining tray for serving coffee or cocktails complete with monogrammed hand towels and a set of coffee mugs or wine glasses is a fun idea. You can add fun napkins and napkin rings, a wine bottle opener, some coasters, or even a pretty vase filled with fresh flowers. It needn’t be expensive to be a thoughtful gift for the new homeowners.


A Throw


When the evenings are cool and relaxing, many people love to curl up on the couch with a good book or a movie. What better way to do that than with a beautiful throw blanket that’s soft and plush? It’s a lovely gift idea perfect for all homeowners. At some point, everyone gets cold. This is why this gift idea is so special for those moving into a new home. Many people forget they need the little extras like this, which is why it makes a great first gift for homeowners moving into their new home.


Giving gifts is such a wonderful feeling, and there is no limit to what you can do for a new homeowner. Use your knowledge to help come up with a concept that’s both fun and useful. What did you need when you first moved into your first home? Start there and move on to add to the idea to create a perfectly personal gift for the new homeowners they’ll appreciate forever.


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