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The Study Hall is dedicated to helping students of all ages achieve their academic goals. Our curriculum-based tutoring boosts confidence in the classroom and improves grades. The Study Hall’s standardized test preparation and college counseling programs help simplify the college admissions process. Since 2003, The Study Hall has successfully worked with over 5,000 students.

Do I have to take the SATs?

No one likes taking the SAT's. It is almost a four hour test that claims to measure what is taught in high school and what is needed to succeed in college. However, many people debate whether or not the SAT really is an accurate measure of intelligence or skills. Still, an entrance exam (either ...
Free PSAT Score Analysis!

All juniors and sophomores will be receiving their PSAT scores in the coming days. The score form is loaded with important information to assist students in preparing for taking the PSATs again, for Sophomores, and for taking the SATs, for Juniors. The first step in SAT prep is evaluating those ...
How Do I Know When My High School Student Needs Help?

Parents may not recognize when a son or daughter is starting to have trouble with high school classes until it is very obvious and a student is in danger of failing. What about missing a homework assignment or two, or failing a single quiz? Does that mean it is time to get help? Or is it not ...
Stop the Homework Battle

Winter is in the air and most children are finishing their first quarter of school. The novelty of the new school year has worn off. They have decided which teachers and classes they like. They have connected with friends they didn't see over the summer. And now the annual battle over homework ...
Tutors Teach Too!

There are some very special adults in the world who truly love spending time with adolescents. As any parent of a teenager out there can tell you, it is not always easy to work with this age group. Adults can have trouble restraining themselves from talking down to teens and being too authoritati...

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