The sad toll of blind political correctness

By Paul Ackerman | Dec 29, 2016

The following lists of attacks, each carrying the common thread of Islamic terrorism, occurred and were dutifully ignored by most of the ruling elites here and abroad. One has to ask why the seeming concern for the sensitivities of the perpetrators, as opposed to the citizens who have been murdered and maimed, let alone the safety of all citizens.

Germany: seven “newsworthy” attacks (Hanover, Essen, Wurzburg, Munich, Reutlingen, Anshach, and Berlin), leaving 22 known dead and hundreds injured, as reported in graphic form in the Daily Mail of London.

France: at least five noteworthy attacks, leaving 217 dead and scores wounded.

Brussels: the airport/subway bombing attacks, 34 dead, 190 wounded, and more terror-related arrests halting other plots almost every month.

The overall count for Europe in 2016 is staggering. This is what the EU’s open-borders policy has produced, according to a Wikipedia article titled, "Wave of Terror in Europe."

Worldwide it is only getting worse, and the unfortunate victims are mostly in the Middle East and Asia. For a full list of the 2,148 Islamic attacks during 2016 in 59 countries, “in which 21,133 people were killed and 26,491 injured," according to the website, The Religion of Peace. Governments throughout the world, along with the pathetic U.N., appear largely uninterested or too timid to go after the groups responsible.

Back in March 2016, after the bombings in Belgium, the looming threat to European civilization and national sovereignty was obvious to most of those who follow current events. One wonders why politicians, such as Angela Merkel, have taken so long to just begin to comprehend the catastrophe they’ve created. Last week’s massacre-by-truck in Berlin should spell the end of Merkel’s immigration and intelligence policies in Germany, if not her political career.

And here in America?

America from the close of 2015 through December 23, 2016:

• Dec. 2, 2015, A 'very religious' Muslim shoots up a Christmas party in San Bernardino, Calif., with his wife, leaving 14 dead and.17 wounded.

• June 13, 2016, An Islamic extremist massacres 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla.; 53 are wounded.

• Nov. 28, 2016, A Muslim immigrant goes on a stabbing rampage in Columbus, Ohio, wounding 11 after expressing his desire to kill infidels.

Through all this mayhem, the media narrative has become one of hiding the obvious reason behind these events, ostensibly to prevent “backlash against Muslims in general." The reality here in America is that the “hate crimes” against Muslims that have recently been reported have largely been proven to be hoaxes. The report out of New York, in which a young woman claimed she was assaulted by “white men” who pulled off her hijab and taunted her with Trump slogans, turns out to be a phony story she made up. The Massachusetts man who claimed Trump supporters assaulted him while he was leaving the Green Line train, was another phony story.

A known YouTube prankster on a flight from London to New York perpetrated another recent hoax. In this event, the hoaxer had his companion video his alleged “ejection from the flight for speaking Arabic to my mom.” This statement was proven to be entirely false by both the flight crew and other passengers, as reported in a Dec. 22 story by Elliot Friedland on the website The Clarion Project.

The irony of these false claims is that they actually create such an inaccurate picture of this issue that any genuine episode of anti-Muslim behavior may be given little credence. Cry wolf long enough and no one will pay attention when the wolf is real.

Before anyone begins flying off the handle and frothing about “Islamophobia,” yes, there may be legitimate complaints of verbal abuse towards Muslims; there is a very small percentage of the population who may do this sort of thing. Unprovoked behavior of this sort should be condemned, period. There are decent Muslims trying to create a new life here in America, and elsewhere, who ought to be given the chance to assimilate and find their way to a better life.

Unfortunately, many of their countries of origin, wrecked by the types of Islamist tribal warfare made so prevalent in those places, continue to spew out hundreds of thousands of people each year who see the West as a gift horse with no intention of becoming “westernized” and assimilating. Just examine the episodes of “honor killings” in America, Canada and Great Britain for a glimpse of this unpalatable reality. Aayan Hirsi Ali wrote an article in the Atlantic subtitled “Violence against women is not just a problem in countries like Afghanistan and Somalia. It’s happening in the U.S. too.”

To be realistic, the world is plagued, and has been for decades, by Muslim terrorists, not by Christians, Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. Some may foolishly claim, as President Obama has, that these terrorists, by their very actions, are not “Islamic.” If these terrorists self-identify as Islamic, and other Muslims around the world do not condemn them and reject their ideology entirely, then this amounts to silently abetting this murderous ideology.

Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens put it this way, “Whether the Islam practiced by al Qaeda or ISIS is 'radical' or merely traditional isn’t the question. It’s whether the West can recognize that the moral nihilism of today’s Jihadi Johns is the logical outgrowth of the moral relativism that is the default religion of today’s West.”

Too bad President Obama never hosted Ayaan Hirsi Ali to speak at the White House while he was in office. Maybe he’ll find time to read her books "Infidel" and "Heretic: Why Islam needs a Reformation Now" in his retirement.

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