The Rolling Stock Company Present’s "Pantalone For Governor"

Arts & Entertainment
Memorial Park (right next door to the Rockport Public Library
1 Limerock St, Rockport, Me
Rockport Public Library
Aug 04, 2014
3:30 PM
Courtesy of: The Rolling Stock Company

The Rolling Stock Company Present’s




A Comedy for One and All


(Donations welcome, of course)

Monday August 4th at 3:30

Memorial Park

(next to the Rockport Public Library)


The Rockport Public Library is pleased to announce that the Rolling Stock Company is presenting the comedy, "Pantalone for Governor!” in Memorial Park, across the street from the Rockport Public Library.  This show is a comedy appropriate for all ages.

The play is free, so come and bring, a lawn chair or blanket and enjoy the comic theater called Commedia dell'Arte.   This type of theater was popular in Italy in medieval times, and was presented during market days in small towns.

Although the actors know their character and the plot of the story, dialog is improvised on the spot and what they say can be highly influenced by the reaction of the audience, so participation is welcomed!

Rolling Rock Stock Company (complete with traveling stage) was founded in 2009.

Commedia has a number of unusual features. First of all, all the dialogue is improvised on the spot. The actors know the plot and know the characters, but what they say changes from performance to performance, depending on the audience’s reactions. Also, despite their traditional Renaissance costumes, they’re quite likely to make comic local references.