The Race Card is Still Being Played

By Chaudhary Khalid Rafiq | Aug 08, 2017
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California — The killing of unarmed Black people and the dismantling of a public healthcare system that served millions of America’s poor Obamacare, shows the race card is still being played in America


The United States of America still sees the shooting and killing of unarmed Black people in the streets much like it did in Civil and Pre-Civil Rights eras. The killing of young Black males especially shows an alarming statistic. Young Black males between the ages of 15 to 21 are 9 times more likely to be killed in the United States than any other racial group, according to Fox News Live and major american news channel.

Local Fox News reported on the particular case of Philando Castile, a school worker who served at his schools cafeteria as a nutrition services supervisor at J. J. Hill Montessori Magnet School. He had been stopped over 52 times in his 32 year life, this shows the gravity and the criminalisation of Black lives in America which points to the fact that the police department is run on a race card that targets Black people unfairly.

The rise of American nationalism with the election of Donald Trump and his message of making America “Great Again” has seen various right wing nationalist influences rise in the United States accoding to CNBC News Live reports. Further emboldened by tough talks from the president, where he speaks about deporting foreign nationals and building “an impenetrable, high and beautiful wall” between the US and neighbours Mexico that the Mexicans will pay for themselves, has seen racists grow brazen.

The election of Barack Obama was expected, perhaps too optimistically to change the fabric of American society. Battling against the legacy of George Bush, where he had to resolve the issues in Guantanamo Bay, the increasing price of protracted “war against terrorism” which has cost the American economy tens of billions in US dollars, according to Fox News streaming and CNN Live news and a negative global view of being a world bully. Barack Obama faced because of all of this, a tough time in the oval office.

According to large sections of American society Barack Obama did not do enough in improving the lives of ordinary Americans, and it is expected that the billionaire businessmen can and will do better even though Barack Obama’s pro-business policies made people like President Donald Trump benefit.

As such Obama’s presidential legacy, among this the well respected and largely positive public healthcare system – ObamaCare is being dismantled by the Trump administration according to CNN streaming and CNN stream services. What will stand in its stead is not certain at this stage.

President Trump has not addressed the killing of unarmed Black people in America, his Tweets have however seen him applaud the “great work of the men and women in uniform”. Given how far America has come it is a shame that the race card Is still being played, to the killing of Black people and the dismantling of a positive public healthcare system.



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