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By Susan Raven | Jan 03, 2013
Photo by: Susan Raven Ice skating on the frozen Ball Field marsh

It’s been a quiet week in Vinalhaven which almost makes it sound like Lake Wobegon. Community Night on Dec. 22 was festive, but seemed less bustling with people than in some years past. It could be that the drizzle which turned to sleet and then to icy snow kept some folks home. The most packed spot seemed to be the ARCafe at 7:30 as folks waited with anticipation for the Winter Getaway Raffle drawing. Phil Crossman pulled the names of the lucky winners: Doug Rosene, Dinah Moyer, Nathaniel Doyno, and Jamie Harris. Though there were those who thought only those present should win, congratulations are due to those lucky folks who did. And keep in mind, many of those prize packages included items that could be shared, so it’s not too late to make a friend, and now you know who to go make friends with!

The thing we have noticed at our house that has been nice about the holiday break, has been the drastic reduction in meetings. Not having meetings relating to jobs, school, organizations, or clubs has lent some blissful whitespace to our calendar. It’s been nice to have a few extra moments here and there.

On one walk over break we enjoyed noticing the brightness of the blue jays against the starkness of the surroundings. We’ve also seen the regular goldfinches, chickadees and Canada geese. The mourning doves and flocks of European starlings have also been around. After getting my undergraduate degree in biology with a minor in environmental studies, I did various field jobs in ornithology (the study of birds), turning birding into a way of life and managing to travel to some neat parts of the globe while doing so. There’s obviously not much time for that now, but it’s nice to see our girls appreciating the different birds when we go out on a walk. Soon we’ll take our Christmas tree and relocate it from our living room to our yard and re-decorate it with bird-friendly garlands of fruits and popcorn, suet ornaments and peanut butter pine cones, and see what we can observe. If you’re looking for a project and a next use for your tree, do give it a try.

School events

Speaking of projects, the Vinalhaven School teachers and students are always working on something. In upcoming school events, mark your calendars for the Boats & Buoys k-12 art show Opening Reception on Thursday, Jan. 17 from 6 to 7 p.m. when you can stroll through the halls and enjoy a light dessert. The art is sure to be varied in presentation and high in quality under the direction of art teacher Heather White.

In sports news at the school, there’s still time this basketball season to support the Class of 2016 and show your Viking spirit by visiting their novelty table at the home basketball games. They’ll be offering window clings, and of course the favorite Viking Helmets among other things.

What folks are talking about

As I write this, folks are talking about the weather since we’re finally getting winter weather. The ice, snow, high winds, sleet and possibly multiple days of storms is giving folks lots to talk about. With boats possibly canceled folks might be stuck on both sides, both unintentionally and intentionally. But just before this big system blew in there were a few calm moments when the temperatures were low enough for a few folks to enjoy some time skating and playing hockey on the ice on the Ball Field marsh by the old yellow schoolhouse. The sun was shining and the ice was sparkling and it was a winter sight that has been repeated for generations. Maybe when all this wind whipping weather passes, you’ll get a chance to get out there and skate too. Until then, stay warm, and enjoy the start of January.

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