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By Susan Raven | Dec 27, 2012
Photo by: Susan Raven Reading bulbs light up a Vinalhaven School hall.

The Canada Geese continue to honk day and night, keeping us guessing as to where we’ll see them each day. Heavy snows have yet to hamper any activities, and winter vacation is well under way. Notices are starting to come out about January events, workshops and training sessions just in time to align with folks New Year’s resolutions.

School events

In light of recent New England news coverage, I thought it would be nice this week to highlight wonderful things going on in our school. I realize school happenings are a reoccurring theme in this column, but as a major force in our community, a cog in our economy, and containing much of the future of our population, enough cannot be said of the importance of a healthy school.

In the K-2 Island (which is what we call our school hallways) where pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first-grade classrooms are currently residing, the hallway is lit up with brightly-colored paper bulbs. Students in these grades have been issued a reading challenge and on each light bulb they write their name and a title of a book they have read. The hundreds of bulbs aptly show the students’ and teachers’ enthusiasm for reading.

Up in the High School Island, the day before winter break, students are enjoying various options for their school day including wood carving, climbing in the gym, making crafts, cooking soup, baking bread, and making Buche de Noel. They’ll also enjoy savoring the fruits of their labors. A yearly tradition, they’ll also attend the Graduates Forum and hear from recent graduates about their experiences at colleges, technical schools and other endeavors.

Municipal news

An American Heart Association Certification Class is being offered on Wednesday, Jan. 9 from 1 to 5 p.m. and Thursday, Jan. 10, from 8 a.m. to noon. This is a great opportunity to learn First Aid and CPR and will make you feel more confident and able to help friends or loved ones. The time commitment is small and the cost is very low. Pat Lundholm can be contacted for more information at 863-2119 or

Business around town

Businesses around town are taking varying lengths of breaks around the holidays including New Year’s Eve and day. Likely some folks will be celebrating on the mainland and thankfully the ferry service is providing boats on New Year’s Day at 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. A few shops will close after the holidays not to open again until the spring or until next holiday season. Do keep supporting those businesses that help keep Main Street alive in the off season whether they’re seasonal or year-round!

What folks are talking about

It’s time again to peruse your photos of the last year and see what’s worth of submitting for the Island Community Medical Services 2014 Calendar. Yes, 2014. I’m sure you all bought the beautiful 2013 calendar and are waiting eagerly to hang it on your wall and admire all the stunning photos taken by folks from around the island. In the 2014 calendar, you could be one of those folks. Just send your images on a CD or DVD with a print image at least 4 inches by 6 inches in high resolution by Jan. 23 with your name, address, image location, and date of image on the back of the entry. The entries will be returned in the summer and should be sent to ICMS, 15 Medical Center Loop, Vinalhaven, ME 04863. Thank you to ICMS for this information and for the wonderful calendars.

Folks are also talking about changes in PIE in welcoming Betsy Hopkins as the new director of Partners in Island Education as Sarah Crossman steps down from the position and joins the Board of Directors. Hopkins is coming on board with lots of ideas and organizational background. This addition coupled with a new drama director soon to join the ranks who will work for the Vinalhaven School and for PIE, means folks are eager to see what will unfold this next year in the world of drama, arts and enrichment.

As we on Vinalhaven and in the world beyond roll towards the New Year we can look forward to a combination of much loved traditions, new ideas, random moments of inspiration, and events that may turn into the traditions we’ll enjoy for years to come. I wish you a fine end to 2012 and a happy start to your New Year.

If you have news to share that you’d like to see in this column, please drop me a line at or leave a message at 863-4134

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Posted by: Fraffie Welch | Dec 28, 2012 07:50

Wee done again, Susan! Keeps us far away delightfully connected. Happy New Year!

Posted by: Bridget & Richard Qualey/Stetson | Dec 27, 2012 20:07

A simply delightful "round-up" of Vinalhaven news, Ms. Raven.  You make each of these island-centric events come to life on the page.  Very nice.

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