The New Moon takes place June 13 at 3:43 p.m. with the Sun and Moon conjunct at 22 degrees of Gemini, and are aspecting Pluto at 20 degrees of Capricorn.

By ananur forma | Jun 13, 2018

I'm mentioning the aspect called a quincunx (150 degrees apart between Sun/Moon and Pluto) because it is awkward and brings about tension and complications if there is any ego driven agendas taking place. This is not an aspect about "peace" treaties. I am unfortunately suspicious of goings on between US & North Korea, even though I am hoping, "for the best!"

Yes, June 13 New Moon at 3:43 p.m. with the Sun and Moon are conjunct at 22 degrees of Gemini. Donald Trump’s birthday is tomorrow, June 14. This New Moon lands right on his birth position of his Sun/Uranus conjunction in Gemini. He REALLY wants your attention! This New Moon corresponds with what I have been suggesting; that Melania & the Donald’s divorce process is quietly taking place. We might never know....? Their personal astrological charts (based on birth time, date and location) show an unhappy situation, sans affection.


For the rest of us, this Gemini New Moon stimulates interest in learning and expanding friendships. You’re curious, wanting to learn more about how other people think. You will be learning more about people from other cultures. Communication skills need to be sharp during this phase which lasts for the next 29 1/2 days. Try not to get scattered by taking on too many projects and over extending yourself which is easy to do at this time.


At this time Venus enters Leo, until July 7. With Venus in Leo, you’ll find yourself drawn to open air theaters and live musical performances. Your self discipline might be at an all time low. It’s a great time for enjoying your children or grand children, playing games and having fun with them. It is known to be “party time!”


June 17-20 Mercury in Cancer is in a positive aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio, and also in a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces, thus forming, “A Grand Trine in water signs.” Oh how great, I wish this was happening all the time. Brilliant innovations become known publically. New healing therapies are offered which will change history.



June 18 Neptune turns retrograde until November 24, indicating more deception and hard to understand motives and games played out in the world at large. Try to keep clear in your communications. That way you can avoid misunderstandings or being scammed. Don’t take risks with money.



June 19 Venus in Leo is opposite Mars in Aquarius, stressing you out in a relationship. There’s a need to find balance in the relationship. Both want their needs to get met. One or both of you feel hurt that your needs are not being recognized. This aspect could bring about a sort of demandingness for needs to be met. Don’t let someone manipulate you by placing guilt on you.


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