The Most Bizarre Murders of All Times

By Ivan Serrano | Jul 03, 2018

Ontario — Murder happens every day, as sad as that may sound, with some incidences being more artfully done than others. Every year, a murder so gruesome is committed that leaves the authorities wondering what sort of person would do such heinous acts. Most of these cases are left unsolved but they are never fully closed just in case a light appears at the end of the tunnel.

Black Dhalia (1947)

A Massachusetts native had left her home for California in pursuit of fame. Her plans never materialized as they were cut short by a killer, quite literally. Elizabeth Short was found dead on some pavement in 1947 with her body dissected in the middle from her waist. Her killers had drained all the blood off her and brought her to the scene where she was found. Only one drop of blood was on the spot her body lay. The FBI was never able to solve the case and so movie makers took up her story and made it into art. She may have failed to gain fame while alive, but it came to her in death.

The Zodiac Killer (1968-69)

Most murderers avoid the limelight but this one craved attention. It all started in December 2009b when he shot two teenagers at a parking lot. He then followed that up with the shooting of two people in a parked car seven months later. One survived this ordeal. According to the FBI, the killer said in his notes that he liked “killing people because it is so much fun. It is more fun than killing wild game in the forest because man is the most dangerous animal of all.”

Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. (1996-1997)

These rappers were killed within six months of each other and their murders have gone unsolved over 20 years later. They are both victims of gang rivalry that started with the East vs. West Coast dominance. Tupac Shakur’s label, Death Row was feuding with Biggie’s label, Bad Boy Records when the first murder Tupac’s - happened. Biggie, officially known as Christopher Wallace, followed six months later in the same fashion as Tupac’s – a drive-way shooting on the street.

The two rappers were friends when they were both signed under Bad Boy Records but their relationship soured after Tupac was incarcerated and came out only to find hos spot taken up by Biggie. At the time of their deaths, they were both two of the biggest names in rap. Both cases were closed after the authorities were unable to solve them.

Sara Quirt Sann (2017)

One of the most recent incidences involved a divorce mediation lawyer who was gunned down by her client’s husband. The killer first shot dead two of his wife’s co-workers before heading to her attorney’s office to finish what he started. Like most careers where one is dealing with vulnerable human beings, law can be quite dangerous at times. The killer in this case was your regular good person who felt cornered. Still, murder was too extreme a reaction.


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