The problem with eye makeup and contact lenses is two-fold. When powder or mascara falls into the eye, it's not easy to flush out. Debris tends to stick to the contact lens.  Secondly, the makeup itself can irritate your eye -- and your lenses! ALWAYS put your contact lens in FIRST, then apply your makeup.  All makeup should HYPOALLERGENIC.  Use cream eyeshadows instead of powdered ones.  They are less likely to smudge and flake off into your eye. Water-based cream shadows are better than oil--based.  NEVER apply eyeliner in the inner rim of your eye. Make sure you remove your contacts BEFORE removing your makeup, just make sure you don't "bump" your lenses into any makeup as you remove them.  Use eye makeup remover for sensitive eyes to remove any debris. And...ALWAYS throw out makeup that's more than 3 months old to avoid any possible infections!

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