The Lincolnville Boat Club is ready to sign up for summer sailing .

Jul 13, 2013
12:00 PM

We are a small club focused on the education of sailing  to people young and old. Our primary venue is the calm, warm waters of Norton Pond which is an outstanding environment to learn to sail in. Students love the small class sizes, our enthusiastic staff, and the fact that we get them sailing from their first day through the last. And our prices are the best in the area.

The LBC also has several classes focused towards adults and families, from introductory sailing on the pond to ocean sailing. With competitive pricing and conveniently scheduled evenings these classes these are wonderful choices for those who have to work or want to get out on the water on a regular basis.

Introductory Sailing

The Introductory Sailing class is an afternoon class focused on students ages 8-10. Class size is limited to 6 so that we can monitor sailors who will be in their own Optimist dinghy. Our focus is to spark an interest in sailing in young kids and build confidence on the water. They are encouraged to repeat this class over the course of the summer or graduate to the Beginner class.

Beginner Sailing

Our Beginner course is focused on providing kids with a fun opportunity to learn and hone basic sailing skills. Norton Pond offers warm waters, gentle breezes, and minimal boat traffic in which to safely practice sailing. We teach from a U.S. Sailing textbook from which we instruct in all the topics necessary to sail with confidence. It’s not unheard of for our students to be sailing solo by the end of the course! This is a full day class and students should come prepared with lunch, clothing, etc. to be out of the house for six hours. Ages 10 and up.

Intermediate Sailing

For those students who have already got the rudimentary skills down pat and want to progress in sailing. The intent of this course is to build more precision into their sailing skills. We’ll be using both 420’s and Lasers, focusing on the details of sailing and different types of rigging. Youth ages 10 and up who have successfully completed any beginner course are eligible.

Ocean Sailing

This advanced course will expose students to sailing opportunities outside of Norton Pond. We plan to spend a day on the pond getting familiar with each other and our sailing instruction, but the remaining 4 days will be spent on the ocean, weather permitting. We will use a mix of our sailing dinghies and keel boat. Youth who have successfully completed an Intermediate course are eligible.