The lights on the sky are the stars and the stars on the earth are the people. Astrology, a Divinely orderly mathematical cosmic art/science proves this point!

By ananur forma | Feb 23, 2011

does the Moon have an effect on the ocean tides? Does it effect a woman's menstrual cycle? does it effect emergency room acitvity when there's a full moon? we all know the answers to these questions.I used to work in a nursing home in Camden in the 70's from 11pm-7am when the Moon was full we (me and Susie the woman I worked with at nights, and her dog, Daisy, was with us) would hear voices and people walking the corridors, Of course they were spirits because there was never anyone there when we looked. The police were aware of this because we would call them if the noise was loud and scary! But of course there was not anyone in the physical  dimension who was walking or running in the corridors of that nursing home (used to be on Mountain Street).

The point here is that we are effected, and feel the frequencies of the planets in the solar system of which we are an orbitting member. Somehow people forget that perspective. I used to get headaches when the Sun was doing major flareups. Sometimes I check it out to see if the Sun is going through an eruptive phase. We are sailing through space with the other planets all connected, one big happy family, eh? The solar system, which is in the Milky Way Galaxy. What a breathtaking image. If you look at the NASA website you will see wondrous photos of Uranus and Neptune and Saturn,etc.


Speaking of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn- the outer planets, let's not forget brother Pluto is out there too. I've read recently that they think they've found another one beyond Pluto and quite large. Wow, that tells me that our consciousness is ready to attract another planet to our solar system family for us to experience something else, something new to learn from.


From Saturn we learn self discipline, concentration, focus, responsibility, (the ability to respond rather than react), reliability, dependability, how to be self reliant and how to take good care of others to create a sense of  stability and security for them. Saturn is the order of things in the material world. Tradition and structures that have been around forever. Saturn can be rigid and resistant to change when it's needed. Saturn has to do with fear and acting out or not taking action due to fear of the unknown. If you have to face some uncomfortable reality (illness or a diagnosis) foreclosure, your mate is suggesting divorce etc. etc. Saturn will give you hell if you don't deal with it, and try to pretend that it's not really happening. Saturn always says, deal straight on, get advice from an elder wise person, and move forward, do not bury your head in the sand like an ostrich, it will only make matters much worse. Saturn can be seen as the taskmaster or punisher. it's pretty strict and you can't bargain with Saturn. No way. and Saturn will help you if you're on a diet to be more efficent and dedicated. Saturn likes to be strict. I was born with 3 planets in Libra and Saturn is my friend right now helping me to drop 23 lbs. on a specific diet/protocol that I learned about at "Rock the Path"  in Camden in January. Thank you "Rock the Path," for putting on a day workshop to explain and teach and support the four of us on the is diet/protocol. it rocks!

Saturn right now is in Libra. It has been since July 22, 2010 and remains in Libra until October 5, 2012. Anyone with planets in this air sign will be dealing with Saturn or is already dealing with Saturn.


next there's Uranus who says- "ok- You....take some risks don't hold yourself back!"

Uranus hopes that we've learned something of value from Saturn... now come with me (this is Uranus speaking) and break the rules now that you understand what they are and find value in some of them and no value in others. Uranus can be consciously rebelling in one's own unique way or radically rebelling for the sake of being disruptive and getting attention. All the planets have positive and negative attributes of expression. it all depends on how Uranus is being aspected (in relation to other planets) in your birth chart or in the heavens on any partricular day.

 When you were born, I do a chart for the moment that you took your first breath in the physical world. The chart is like a frozen moment in time and shows me where the planets were in the heavens in relation to each other which is extremely important for me to be accurate (yes I said that word) with the information that I share with you when you come for a reading (or over the phone).

Uranus is the planet that has an orbit that is not like any of the other planets. It stands out in our solar system as unique. Uranus teaches us on this planet, Earth, how to be our own unique selves, ususally through trial and error. Uranus encourages us to trust our intuition and act on it and learn from it. I remember asking my first Astrology teacher, Isabel Hickey in Boston, "How can I tell the difference between instinct, impulse and intuition?" being born with the Moon and Jupiter rising (on the horizon when I was born) I have always tended to be impulsive (and impetuous when younger!) Issie replied, "You can't know the difference until you take chances and observe and learn from your mistakes and that could take oh, about 10 years!" So that's how I learned. She also added that, "When you do a chart reading for someone you are karmically responsible for what you say to that person. Never suggest that they do something you havent yet tried." Opps sounds like pretty heavy responsibility for me at the time when she told me that I was only 23 years young. However, I  "knew"  intuitively that I had been an Astrologer in other lifetimes and that I would become an Astrologer someday after much study. Issie always said not to do a chart professionally for anyone until you've studied for at least 5 years and always take beginners classes throughout your life to learn more and on a deeper level. I loved her very much and she was an inspiration for us all who came to her for her meditation classes, past life regression classes, silent retreats,  and astrology classes.

Uranus..........kicks ass when it comes to creativity- must be original and absolutley like no other in order to please Uranus. People who have Uranus in a strong position when they were born cannot work for other people, they must be in charge and keep their lives moving forward, they get bored easily and do not take orders, except from their higher intuition and sometimes they are known to rebel against that! People with strong Uranus in their birth chart do not do traditional marriage relationships. They love their freedom and do not want to be pinned down by anyone or anything. In order for them to be married their mate would have to understand this about them. They need freedom to thrive and grow and evolve and be in direct accordance with their intuition. They often feel misunderstood and feel as if they are "the weird one" in the family and just don't  "fit in."  Uranus says to us......"breakthroughs, dont' be stagnant if you are stagnant in a job or marriage, etc. I will bring about a crisis that will force you to change and evolve." Uranus brings about sudden upsets, also sudden flashes of genius that come on like a bolt of lightening. Inventors are using the energy of Uranus, when they get a flash out of the blue in the middle of the night and then get up and work for weeks on a project!

Uranus has just about completed it's travels through Pisces for the last 8 years or so. Now Uranus is about to slip into Aries! That takes place on March 11, 2011. Big news, for Astrologers, we're all thrilled. Uranus will stay in Aries until March 2019. Long time. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is about new beginnings. Uranus is about breakthroughs and breakdowns in order for the breakthrough to occur! Uranus in Aries is all about, "power to the people." It's about the people waking up and recognizing that we are the stars on the Earth. The people will shine and be brilliant, because that's how our Creator made us, in His/Her reflection. We are a speck of stardust from the Cosmos. We have the spark in us!  We are part of the Milky Way Galaxy. I just love that perspective so much. It's time to prepare yourself to trust your intuition and take chances and move in the direction of your highest ideals. Uranus will reward you.

okay enough for now. I will have to write more another time on Pluto and Neptune and Jupiter.


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