The Kingdom of God Has Come Near

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The Kingdom of God Has Come Near

Luke 9:51-10:24

Pastor Adam Kohlstrom




9:51-55. “He set his face to go to Jerusalem” indicates an unflinching commitment to the Father’s mission – Jesus goes to Jerusalem to die. What hinders us from having such a resolve as we undertake the Father’s mission?


9:54. What misunderstandings of Christ and His mission do James and John reflect? How do we sometimes reflect these same misunderstandings?


9:57-62. While Jesus never does, how are we tempted to “lower the bar” of discipleship? What does Jesus say are the costs and risks of following Him? What implications does 9:58 have upon a disciple today? How do you think we should apply Jesus’ teachings in 9:60 and 9:62?


10:1. Jesus sent His followers out two-by-two. What is the message in being sent out together? Is it possible to faithfully follow Jesus alone?


10:1-12. Picture yourself ready to go on a mission trip with your church or fellowship. Why would you go? How would you prepare? What would you take? What would you say to those whom you’d meet? How are Jesus’ instructions here similar to and different from your answers?


10:2. “Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter” (Charles Spurgeon). Do you agree? What do you think it looks like for you (or a Christian in your community/profession/age group/etc.) to be on mission with Christ?


10:9,11. How did, “The kingdom of God… come near”? How does it “come near” people today?


10:20. Jesus calls His followers not to rejoice in successful ministry but that by faith they are in relationship with Him. Why must this remain the focus?


10:21-24. Jesus says His followers have been blessed (with revelation) that they might become a blessing (a witness) to the world. God always blesses for the purpose of mission (cf. Genesis 12:1-3). If we fail to share God’s blessings, are we truly His followers?




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