This is the last week to support The Restorative Justice Project of Mid-coast Maine!

Each month, Rockport Automotive takes $5 from every oil change and awards it to a local non-profit. 

July is upon us and The Restorative Justice Project of Mid-coast Maine is the recipient!


“The fundamental unifying hypothesis of restorative practices is disarmingly simple: that human beings are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes in their behavior when those in authority do things with them, rather than to them, or for them.”  


Founded in 2005, the mission of the Restorative Justice Project of Mid-coast Maine is to promote fundamental change in the justice system and schools. Instead of punishment, RJP promotes accountability and healing in the educational, criminal, and juvenile justice systems. In this approach, outcomes are measured by how much repair is done rather than by how much punishment is meted out.   Its responses to crime and wrongdoing seek renewal and safety for the community, support and healing for victims, and accountability and reintegration of the offender into the community.

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