The Importance of Online Parental Controls

By Chaudhary Khalid Rafiq | Oct 03, 2017
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Worldwide — These days, children can benefit hugely as a result of access to the internet. Going online can help kids with everything from completing school projects through to learning via educational websites. It is also a great way for them to develop their tech skills, which is something that will become more and more important given our move into the digital age.


However, there is also a downside to internet use by kids. Some children spend way too much time online engaging in social media activities or playing games. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this from time to time, but some children spend more time than can be considered healthy doing this. In addition, there are many dangers online if kids gain access to the wrong sites. Cyber-bullying is another major issue that can cause huge problems. This is why parents have to be so mindful about what their kids are doing online.


Some of the dangers kids face online

The wide range of dangers that children face when they are left to their own devices online is huge. Of course, they can also cause issues for you. For example, kids can inadvertently open a suspicious file and you could quickly find yourself being hit by a virus. Unless you are an expert on how to remove viruses, this could cause you a lot of headaches.


There are also more important reasons why you need to be mindful about your kids’ online activities and have parental controls in place. Some of these include:


  • Online bullying: Online bullying has become a huge issue over recent years. Whether your child is the victim or the perpetrator, it is important to take action. By limiting the amount of time they spend on sites such as social media, you can reduce the risk of problems with cyber-bullying.


  • Accessing inappropriate sites: Children are very tech savvy these days, and accessing sites that are totally inappropriate is not an issue for them. All they need to do in most cases is click a button confirming they are 18 or 21 and they then have total access. If you want to ensure your kids don’t end up on age-rated websites, you need to ensure you have parental controls in place.


  • Chat rooms: Many children these days go on chat rooms, and in most cases they have no idea who they are talking to. They may be speaking to an adult who is pretending to be someone their own age. They could even be arranging a meet up with some complete stranger. Having parental controls in place will enable you to protect your kids against the hazards of chat rooms.


These are just some of the many issues that can arise if your kids have free reign on the internet. You can have parental controls activated quickly and easily through your Internet Service Provider, and this will provide enhanced protection for your child as well as increased peace of mind for you.



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