Belfast Senior College Fall Course: "The Impact of Climate Change on Maine"

UME Hutchinson Center
80 Belmont Ave., Belfast, ME 04915
Registrar, Senior College
Oct 17, 2013
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

The Belfast Senior College is offering a fall course related to the topic of the 27th annual Camden Conference, The Global Politics of Food and Water.

Just as the state we live in has been shaped by thousands of years of glaciation, it is still being altered by enormous natural forces at work on a global level. This class will explore the role of climate in shaping the landscapes and people of Maine, and specifically ask how we know what we do about climate change—and why we don’t yet have all the answers. The course will cover topics ranging from the birth of Ice Age Theory to the impacts of modern climate change on Maine’s weather, flora and fauna, and sea level. Pertinent examples from research being conducted at the University of Maine will be used to delve into some of the foremost questions in climate science, including the implications of our own Great Climate Experiment—global warming. This course could serve as an excellent foundation for those thinking about attending the 2014 Camden Conference: “The Global Politics of Food and Water.”


Instructor: Gordon Bromley

Thursdays, September 19-October 24, 2013

University of Maine’s Hutchinson Center, Belfast

9:30-11:30 AM

Registration required. Please visit the BSC website for details

About the Instructor: Gordon Bromley received his Ph.D. in Earth Sciences at the University of Maine in 2010 and has done research in Antarctica, Chile, and Peru. He is the author of numerous peer-reviewed publications and the recipient of several awards and grants. Currently he is a postdoctoral research associate at UMaine.