The Hitchhiker

By George S. Chappell | Feb 01, 2013

This first Open Mic entry is by George Chappell, a Rockland resident and member of The Courier-Gazette news staff. He participates in the Rockport Public Library's Poets' Corner Workshop. His book, "A Fresh Footpath: My New Life in Poetry" is available through Pell Press in Rockport. His new poem, "The Hitchhiker" has never been published previously.


Gearing, winding, down U.S. Highway One,

big diesel trucks attack the summer night,

a traveler walks with thumb held aright

while crickets cheer up to summon the sun.

He once saw himself the muse of Helicon

winging to move fresh winds of words in flight,

like the solar thrust of Icarus’ plight

to lift a body to oblivion.


At road’s end, a bride waits for the hiker,

who greets her but no longer knows the dance ––

his father’s heed to settle comes too late,

far too restless to be with one like her.

Listen.... Crickets become still in a trance,

while big diesel trucks quicken with their freight.


The Courier-Gazette will feature quality poems of local authors in this space. If you would like to submit a poem, please email it to News Editor Dan Dunkle at or mail it to 91 Camden St., Suite 403, Rockland, ME 04841. Please be sure to include your name, address, daytime phone number and a little information about the poet. No profanity or explicit material, please. 500 words or less preferred.



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