The Essence Of Keeping In Touch With Your Clients

By Chaudhary Khalid Rafiq | May 22, 2018

An enterprise cannot stay afloat without customers. For a B2C relationship to bring in revenues and work for you the way business engineers intended the model to do, you have to go out of your way and work on some essentials to keep the conversation going and the transactions active. The way you do it, additionally, determines the level of customer loyalty, which is more than you can ever ask for. However, you have to grow and nature the relationship through a number of ways such as occasional thank-you notes, anniversary congratulations, best wishes, periodical publications and so on. You can send these business items either through emails, SMS, the traditional postal mail or even a leave-behind. You may also need a corporate headshot photographer to help you market your business better.

Once you have come up with a great idea of how you intend to retain your clients to yourself, you will realize a lot of benefits.


These are:

Customers will Feel Gratified

A best wishes card for the new year, a message of love on Valentine’s day, a birthday card and so on will touch your client right to the soul. You will give the relationship a “human” aspect by taking the relationship further: From business to friendship. The impact on your business will be felt through a staggering demand and mindboggling cash flows, always trickling in.


Products and Services Uptake is Enhanced

Through communication, you will inform your clients about what you are doing in regards to product improvement or launch of new product. You might spur demand in the process and rake in the much-desired revenue.


Clients will Inform You of Ways to Improve Your Products or Services

Loyal clients will always give a feedback about a business idea. When you take criticisms with positivity, appreciations with a sense of obligation and indifference with a call to action, you will definitely create client-friendly products and services that will set you apart from your competitors. Furthermore, continuous communication will always solve the hazard of dissatisfaction with some clients, who do not want to have their voice heard and prompt action taken?  You know the answer!


It is An Approach to Market Analysis

The essence of keeping in touch with your clients is that you will be able to carry out a market survey. This will be a highly controlled exercise, as you will be using a sample that is not only willing to do business with you but also depends on you for personal needs. You will be guaranteed of honesty in response more than any scientific survey can ever achieve. From another standpoint, you will save a lot of finances that would have otherwise been channeled to outsource a market survey firm.

Moreover, the market survey will be relevant to your business as your clients will be giving their opinions in areas that you overlooked or simply underrated as non-issues: which are indeed real issues.


Start Now!

Keeping in touch turns your clients from purely business parties, with their foot out of the door ready to rush to your competitors, to friends who will stick with you through thick and thin. In essence, communicating with your clients will serve as reputation building.

There is no better way to build reputation other than keeping in touch with clients.


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