The Big Story

Palm Sunday – “Lots of people got in behind Jesus on the road to the throne, but they wouldn’t follow him on the way to the cross. They would wave palms before the coming King, but they wouldn’t obey the Suffering Servant. If we aren’t careful, we too find ourselves in that same trap of fickleness of only being loyal when it’s convenient or based on our selfish expectations.” – Matt Costner

“Story has unquestionably become the dominant means of understanding our world, ourselves, and each other. When neighbors and strangers meet today, they often ask not, ‘What do you do?’ but ‘What is your story?’” - Leslie Leyland Fields

What is your story? It is not only major religions and great philosophers who try to answer questions like: who am I and where did everything come from? what is wrong with this world? what is the solution to the world’s problem? where does everything end up? Your answer to these questions – your story/worldview – is the context by which you will understand yourself, your world, and live your life.

Come join us as we seek to understand our little stories in the context of God’s Big Story of redeeming the world through His Son Jesus Christ.

“God is using ordinary people to make the world whole and healthy again…. How might the little story of my life and your life contribute to the bigger story of the world’s redemption?” - Jerry Sittser


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