The best Christmas present

By Sarah E. Reynolds | Jan 11, 2019

Christmas presents are wonderful, and this year I received some wonderful presents. Just as much -- or more -- fun is finding presents for those I love. And our Christmas present from Maureen's son, Brian, was a beautiful crown roast of lamb he prepared for us for Christmas dinner.. It was a lovely day.

The day after Christmas, we headed south to visit Maureen's brother, and mine, in Connecticut. The drive itself was just a little better than a sharp stick in the eye, but it was worth it once we were there. Brian's other Christmas present to us was to take care of our German shepherd, Cushla, for three days while we were gone.

We took Rosie, the cockapoo, with us. She was a model traveler, snoozing for hours in her crate behind the front seat. Being a cute little tail-wagger, Rosie was much admired, even where she was not allowed loose in the house. And I'm glad to say that pet-friendly motels are getting easier to find than they used to be. Of course, once we were all in our room for the night, Rosie had free rein of the room, and slept on the bed with us.

We visited Maureen's brother first, where the pup had to stay in her crate in the house. She was really pretty good about it, and did get outside for a couple of walks. That night, we threw her favorite toy around the motel room for her to chase to run off some extra energy.

The next day, we went to my brother's and Rosie got to meet the family dog there, a bear of a black Lab named Echo. He's a very friendly boy who loves attention and rolls over to have his belly rubbed at the drop of a hat. It was raining a bit when we arrived, but nevertheless, we all gathered in my brother's fenced backyard to introduce the two dogs to each other.

We don't let Rosie and Cushla play together, because Cushla feels that she should be the only dog in the house and will (or at least she has in the past) go after Rosie and hurt her. The two are fine in the same room if Rosie is on someone's lap, but since she stopped being a baby at 6 or 7 months, Cushla does not like it when Rosie is loose in the room with her. This is all the sadder for us because the two played wonderfully together for the first few months we had Rosie.

Echo was very excited about having visitors, including a new dog, and initially did a lot of loud barking and running around jumping on people. Rosie was skittish for several minutes, but gradually realized that Echo meant her no harm and became braver, as we all encouraged the pair to play with each other.

And then Rosie took off, dashing around the yard, coming close to Echo as if to say, "Bet you can't catch me!" and running off. Echo, at least four times Rosie's weight, soon resorted to watching Rosie's trajectory and cutting her off at the pass, so to speak. By the time we took them onto the screened porch for a good toweling dry, both were soaked and dirty, especially Rosie. But it was a joy to see her zooming around the yard playing with Echo.

Indoors, it took more time for the two dogs to get used to each other in the new space, but after a while they were back it, wrestling and playing and having as much fun as a couple of little kids. As I told Maureen, getting to see Rosie have that much fun with another dog was like an extra Christmas present.

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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Jan 11, 2019 12:26

Happy New Year Sarah! AZ is sunny and winter with weather of 50 degrees. Imagine! Love the dog story!

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