By Cross Insurance | Jan 03, 2014

It’s become common practice for states to require that drivers carry a minimum amount of Auto coverage, with the amount varying by state.

The amount of insurance you buy depends on two basic questions:.

1) How high a premium can you afford? and

2) How much could an accident cost you? Which coverages should you choose?

Liability insurance will pay for damage that you cause to another motorist’s vehicle, and their medical expenses, if applicable. Each state sets a minimum amount for coverage.

Comprehensive Insurance will cover damage to your vehicle, including fire, theft, vandalism, and contact with falling objects, ,people, or animals.

Collision insurance is optional, however it is always a good idea to carry it. Collision insurance will pick up the tab for damage to your vehicle from objects such as telephone poles, buildings or fences. Although this coverage is optional, it’s almost always a good idea to carry it.

For a complimentary, comprehensive review of your Auto policy, feel free to contact our office at any time. As insurance professionals, it’s our obligation to make sure that you have the coverage you need to protect yourself.

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