The 12 Strays of Christmas:  #4  Shy Ann

OK, I’m not a beauty queen – but I’d look cute sitting next to you in the cab of your pickup. And I’d protect your toolbox too!  C’mon, buddy, I’ve been in the shelter 10 months.  In that time, I’ve learned basic commands and I’ve learned to love all people. I’m your perfect sidekick for life!  It’s true, I pull on the leash when they walk me, but that’s just because I’m SO excited to be out of my dog run. Otherwise, I’m well behaved, loyal, smart, and completely entertaining. My only request?  I need to be an only dog.  PLEASE come visit – I’m waiting for ya!

The 12 Strays of Christmas are very special residents at the Knox County Humane Society, who have been overlooked at the shelter and have been there far too long.  They would all really like to go home for the holidays – and all the upcoming holidays for the rest of their lives! Adoption fees for these pets are only 12.00 for cats, and the fee for dogs has been reduced by 50.00.  All animals have been spayed or neutered, are up to date on their shots and have had all medical issues addressed.  They are healthy and ready to go!  The promotion extends through December 24th.  Please drop by for a visit, or call the Humane Society of Knox County at 594-2200, or go to  Let’s get these boys and girls home for Christmas!

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