thank goodness I live here and not in China.

By ANANUR FORMA | Aug 09, 2018

An attorney friend of mine, who lives out of state, sent this to me last night. Read about what is happening to "our brothers & sisters," who live in China...


here's what my friend wrote:


My China friend and I had lunch today, to celebrate her last week birthday. 
Her sister added on to the family (owned) apartment.  The Mayor of Beijing ordered all home, apartment additions bulldozed.

Hundreds have been bulldozed  — there is no ‘code’ or approval process in China. Nor do government officials have to show cause and there is no right of redress.

Seems hundreds were hit by a money scam; the scammers  took off with the money.  Without legal recourse, those scammed went to Beijing to protest.  The protesters were stopped on the road and rounded up - seems no one knows where they were sent.

Also, people taking trains to Beijing to join the protest — when questioned where they were going & why Beijing, if they said it was to protest, they were kicked off the train.

Oh yes, and retired military/security wanting to protest their lack of gov’t assistance - they get a few meager benefits - were  halted on the road by current ‘security’ and prevented from marching.  When they reminded the soldiers that in five years this would be them —they got the cold shoulder.

China has WeChat - but Facebook, etc. are NOT allowed in China.  We Chat is closely watched.
Anyway, I ran a search — "Beijing Mayor bulldozes houses."  Oh my — how sad, old Beijing was so charming (I was there 1993) and now the gov’t is bulldozing for a 6 lane highway and bunches of apartment buildings.  Make more sense to have trains and building on the outskirts instead of more polluting cars.


I am sharing this info with you here in Maine. I (Ananur) had not read this anywhere. were you aware?

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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Aug 09, 2018 15:59

Aware? No. Somehow we Americans DO take our civil liberties for granted.  This really makes me think how lucky we are to live here in America. Politics and all. And the recent politics are really sad on the National level. Enough said!

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