Low bidder comes in under budget

Technical school bids called miraculous

By Stephen Betts | Aug 11, 2017
Photo by: Stephen Betts Region 8 Board Chair Kim Appleby, left, Mid-Coast School of Technology Director Beth Fisher, center, listen as Lavallee Brensinger architect Ron Lamarre discusses the two bids received for the new school.

Rockland — The board of the regional technical school was jubilant Thursday evening, Aug. 10, when it learned that the apparent low bid for constructing a new facility is under budget.

"This is miraculous," said board member Seth Hall at the Region 8 Cooperative Board's Aug. 10 meeting.

Sheridan Construction Corp. is the apparent low bidder, at $20,811,000.

This is just under the $21 million construction budget for the new Mid-Coast School of Technology.

MCST Director Beth Fisher said she was thrilled by the numbers and there was a lot of relief when the bids were opened.

Architect Ron Lamarre of Lavallee Brensinger agreed.

"If I had champagne, I would pop it for you," Lamarre said.

There had been concern because construction companies were busy and building costs have been rising.

Sheridan was one of two pre-qualified bidders. P.C. Construction had submitted a bid of $21,079,000. Bids were opened earlier on Aug. 10.

The board voted unanimously to authorize Fisher to negotiate with Sheridan to reach a contract agreement.

One additional item not in the base bid was installation of a geothermal heating system. That would cost an additional $1.2 million, however.

Groundbreaking for the two-story 90,000-square-foot complex is expected to be in mid-September. The school should be ready for students in September 2019.

Voters from Waldoboro to Islesboro approved by a more than two-to-one margin in November borrowing of up to $25 million for a new technology center. Every community voted for the project.

The technical school administration has asked the Rockland City Council to waive a $25,285 building permit fee for the regional technical school. The council asked for more information and said it would consider the request next month.

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Posted by: Joanne L Richards | Aug 11, 2017 23:20

Dale, the construction cost is only part of it.  You can not have students in a school with no furniture or in the case of a technical school without the costly equipment to teach the courses.  We will utilize every piece of current equipment and seek grants for some but yes,it will use the entire 25 million approved by the voters.

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Aug 11, 2017 09:49

It is hilarious how the bid came in just under the advertised amount of $25 million but wait, they will spend it all, wait and see. Cost over runs and added goodies will eat it up.

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