Tea party leaders take private jets to rallies

By Ronald Horvath | Oct 31, 2010

Hmmmm, I wonder if they have hedge fund manager boyfriends, too.


Tea party leaders take private jets to rallies


Oct 29th, 2010 at 11:43 am by susie


by Zach Carter, Media Consortium blogger


Two Tea Party leaders, Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin, have been jet-setting all over the country ginning up support for conservative politicians. Literally.


They’ve been flying around in a private jet like Wall Street CEOs, except they’re heading to “grassroots” rallies instead of merger talks. Meckler and Martin don’t say how outraged, ordinary citizens can find the money to support such extravagance, and they don’t have to. Thanks to the Supreme Court’s ruling in this year’s Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission, they can now accept unlimited funding without disclosing the identities of their donors.


No one would even know about the jets themselves, but Meckler and Martin never counted on Mother Jones, or a reporter named Stephanie Mencimer. Using public flight-tracking information, the Tea Party Patriots’ flight schedule, and some serious attention to details in the group’s own videos, Mencimer was able to figure out which jet the not-so-populist duo were using. She then traced the plane to Raymond F. Thomson, founder and CEO of a semiconductor company called Semitool, which he sold last year for a cool $364 million.


It’s both sad and hilarious to see the secret financial arrangements of the super-rich masquerading as grassroots activism. But it also shows the lengths to which reporters must go to actually report on political spending in the wake of Citizens United. There is no documentation to follow, just the contrails of private jets.



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Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Nov 01, 2010 19:06

Working it, Catherine?  How glib.


But I'm not nervous.  I suppose like most Americans you've forgotten the recent six year hold Republicans had on both houses of congress.  It didn't take too long for them to overreach themselves and start dipping too freely into the public till while ignoring the country's real problems and letting the economy run off a cliff.  Boehner will enjoy himself for a while but the public is in a very impatient mood and when the Repubs don't produce results (i.e. jobs) -as they've practically sworn not to do- the mood will get uglier.  Cutting taxes but not spending will only increase the deficit and cutting spending will only stop the flow of money and start the economy into a true death spiral.  Of course they can always blame Obama.


I tend to agree with those pundits that claim the only thing the Repubs will accomplish is to give the public something to compare Obama to and therefore virtually assure his second term.


Winning the house only makes them responsible for cleaning up their own mess.

Posted by: Catherine Cooper | Nov 01, 2010 12:26

Ron, you're really working it, aren't you? Nervous? The polls say the Democrats aka liberals, are in very real trouble. Let's hope so.

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