Tannery Park leads Camden Herald park-naming poll

May 10, 2017

Camden — Tannery Park came in with the most votes for a poll, which ran last week on VillageSoup and in the May 4 Camden Herald.

A total of 244 responses were received with Tannery Park gaining 135 votes, followed by Camden RiverPark with 44 votes, Millville Commns receiving 29 votes, and Riverwalk Commons receiving 17 votes.

An option to enter other name suggestions received 19 votes, many with variations of the above name options, such as Millville Park (3 votes), Tannery RiverPark (2 votes), Riverside Park (2 votes), Millville River Park (2). Several suggestions were made to name the park after a townsperson with Ken Bailey, Leonard Lookner, Beedy Parker and Nancy Caudle-Johnson given as possible names.

The results of the local polls will be presented to the Select Board at a future meeting.

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Posted by: Ben Ellison | Jul 11, 2017 09:17

"Tannery Park" emphatically won this poll (and the poll on the other media site), but the Select Board still has not named the park and the decision won’t be easy at tonight’s meeting.

Apparently members of the now disbanded Camden Tannery Work Group are going to argue that “Tannery Park” has too many negative connotations and that “River Park” is somehow a better name in terms of identifying the place (though there are five river parks in Camden). We may even hear the term “clean name” —  which is a mysterious concept to me, and which means, I guess, that “Tannery Park” is a dirty name.

We will probably also hear that the two polls were “unscientific” and that some people may have voted more than once, even though the two different online polling tools are both designed to accept only one vote per computer and the results were very similar.

According to the PenBay Pilot editor, “Tannery Park” received 494 (52%) of 941 votes cast and in this Village Soup poll “Tannery Park” received 135 (55.3%) of 244 votes cast. Note that in a four-way vote like this, a majority can be 25.1%, but in both polls “Tannery Park” got more votes than the other three choices combined.

I think that the Select Board would be justified in selecting “Tannery Park” not only because of the polling but simply because so many people already know exactly where the Tannery is. That’s a valuable plus for a community park that will hopefully be the site of many activities besides the already successful Farmer’s Market.

But feelings about this name are strong, and the Board may be wise to put it on the next town ballot. The meeting starts at 7pm tonight and “Renaming of the former Tannery Property” is #1 on the agenda.

Posted by: Ben Ellison | Jun 15, 2017 08:27

Dear Editor, this poll was mentioned at the 6/6 Select Board meeting and will be discussed again at the next meeting on the 20th, but it and the other poll were both discounted as "unscientific" by someone who does not like the "Tannery Park" name. Can you please explain what safeguards are in place to avoid multiple votes by the same person and/or if you have any sense that this poll does not reflect local opinion? Thank you.

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