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By Staff | Jun 03, 2014
Photo by: Larry Di Giovanni

Rockland — This week we are asking:

"Should Rockland change its transfer station payment policy to 'pay as you throw,' or a fee per bag of trash?"

Currently the city charges $65 per year for a dump sticker, giving residents a one-time fee allowing them to throw an unlimited amount of trash in the transfer station. The City Council is considering a pay-per-bag fee, that would mean the cost would be based on the amount of trash produced.

See chart for results of last week's On The Line poll concerning the library budget.

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Posted by: PJ Walter | Jun 04, 2014 09:47

Pay as you throw is the most equitable way to handle trash removal and will force people to recycle more, otherwise you pay more money.

Posted by: ananur forma | Jun 04, 2014 09:33

pay a certain amount for the year.

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