Take Care gets seniors moving

Nov 02, 2012
Dottie Crandall, seated, works with Nancy Graham of Take Care.

Rockport — Whether one is a senior or looking for ways to help seniors in one's life, adding a simple exercise program to the day can help one become healthier and safer in their home. It is important to remember that physical fitness can benefit people of all ages, as well as those with physical limitations.

Nancy Graham, owner of Take Care, a private elder care service, has been a fitness instructor for more than 30 years and in the past 10 years has focused her business on helping seniors stay in their homes independently.

She is hoping to incorporate her fitness background and skills in the homes of seniors.

“Successful programs for seniors must include endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. I can design any program depending on the needs of the client,” Graham said in a news release. “By incorporating fitness activity into your life, it gives you tremendous health benefits even if you were inactive throughout life.”

Every program should be under the discretion of a doctor. Starting slowly to discover a comfort level and increasing from there is a great start. Having someone to help you work out and motivate you makes everything more fun.

“Many Seniors cannot afford membership dues and would prefer one-on-one instruction, instead of a group class setting. Being in the comfort of your own home without the hassle of driving and going out is a great benefit, especially in the winter months.”

People are never too old to increase one's level of physical activity. Many benefits include, balance issues, reducing pain, helping with osteoarthritis, preventing/lowering risk of diabetes, obesity and coronary heart disease.

For more information and a free consultation, please contact Nancy Graham, owner of Take Care at 596-4584.

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