Swing Dance and Frankie 100 Party on May 24!

Arts & Entertainment
High Mountain Hall
5 Mountain Street, Camden ME
Katie Tranzillo
May 24, 2014
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Midcoast Swing is hosting a Swing Dance and Frankie Centennial Celebration at High Mountain Hall in Camden, Saturday, May 24. Join dancers all over the world in honoring Frankie Manning and dancing Lindy Hop, as part of Frankie 100, a world-wide celebration of the man and the dance.


Dance classes are from 3 to 6:00 pm and focus on Lindy Hop, the original swing dance. Come find out why this is still such a popular swing dance all over the world! Local and guest instructors will inspire and challenge all levels of dancers, beginners to advanced. Classes include Lindy Hop Basics, Frankie Favorites (from the Big Apple and the Shim Sham), and More Frankie Favorites (with partnered lindy hop moves).


Movies and Munchies, a special feature from 6 to 7:00 pm. Enjoy amazing videos of Frankie Manning and lindy hoppers all over the world, while munching on the nutritious snacks provided, or your own bag lunch.


The Swing Dance is from 7 to 10 pm, is open to the community, and is for all ages and dance styles. Local and guest DJs will provide dance instruction and will DJ the dance. Music will range from lindy hop, east coast swing, west coast swing, and do-your-own-thing. This month’s dance features extra crossover music for lindy hop, to compliment the afternoon workshops. (No street shoes!) The $7 admission includes a beginner lesson, refreshments, door prizes, videos, and dance demonstrations.


This event is co-sponsored by Mainiac Swing, a non-profit dance organization in Maine. Proceeds from the dance benefit the Frankie Manning Foundation whose mission is to carry on the work and the spirit of Frankie Manning in spreading the joy of dance throughout the world.


High Mountain Hall is at 5 Mountain Street in Camden.


For more information, contact Katie Tranzillo at 203-915-9371, www.joyfuldancing.com, or Facebook. Midcoast Swing is a division of JoyfulDancing. Our mission: to provide professional quality programs at affordable prices, foster a community of dancers and friends, and enhance each individual’s enjoyment of movement and dance.



3:00 Lindy Hop Basics

4:00 Frankie Favorites

5:00 More Frankie Favorites

6:00 Movies and Munchies

7:00 Free Dance Lesson

7:30 Swing Dance!



Single Workshop - $10

Two workshops - $18

Three workshops - $24

Three workshops and dance - $29

Dance only (includes beginner lesson) - $7