House District 95

Sutton seeks reelection to Maine House

By Stephen Betts | Oct 11, 2018
Paula Sutton

Warren — Republican Rep. Paula Sutton of Warren is seeking a second consecutive two-year term in the Maine House.

Sutton refused to be interviewed, saying she would only agree to answer written questions provided to her in advance and that her answers could not be edited. She also declined a video interview that would have been broadcast on the VillageSoup website.

The first-term Republican is being challenged for the Maine House District 95 seat by independent William Pluecker.

House District 95 covers Appleton, Hope, Warren and part of Union.

Sutton has opposed the expansion of Medicaid, known in the state as MaineCare. In June she voted against LD 837, which would have set aside $10.4 million for additional workers and technology upgrades to handle the increased number of MaineCare recipients who would be served by the expansion.

Maine voters approved expanding the MaineCare program in November 2017.

Sutton also opposed a bill that would have allowed a lawsuit to be refiled by the family of William Dean, whose Owls Head house was sold for well below its value, his second home in Rockland was damaged, and his cat euthanized at the state's direction while he was in a psychiatric hospital.

In 2017, Sutton opposed a 3 percent income tax surcharge on household income in excess of $200,000. The money would have gone to increase state aid to schools. Maine voters had supported that surcharge in a November 2016 referendum.

In June 2018, Sutton voted for a bill that would have asked voters whether to repeal the already voter-approved legislation to legalize recreational marijuana.

The Republican has said that the state's citizen initiative process is being hijacked by wealthy special interest groups.

The website gives Sutton a 100 percent rating from the Maine Right to Life Committee, 86 percent from the National Rifle Association, 25 percent from Maine Planned Parenthood, 14 percent from Maine Conservation Voters, and zero from the Maine AFL-CIO.

In 2016, Sutton said she was born and raised in Maine, had more than 20 years of experience in the seafood industry and worked as a lobster dealer based in Nobleboro with her husband, Kerin Resch. Sutton had also worked as a real estate agent and was the owner/operator of a restaurant.

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Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Nov 02, 2018 19:32

Paula Suttons latest attack ad on Representative Pinny Beebe Center says even more about the character (or lack of) Paula Sutton.  We are now grabbing the most rotten apples from the very bottom of the barrel.  Let's hope Maine citizens see right thru this form of low level attach

Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Oct 14, 2018 09:50

Refusing to be interviewed.  Think that tells it all right there.  Paula Sutton has her own agenda and could care less what the peasants think. Refusing to be supported by the clean election instead chosing to be funded by powerful special interests.  Sounds a lot like Poliquin. So go ahead vote for her and her big money friends, but don't complain later when your interests don't turn out to be hers.

Posted by: Roger Tranfaglia | Oct 13, 2018 20:11

I'm voting for Paula Sutton!

Posted by: Harold Bryson Mosher | Oct 11, 2018 10:02

At the candidate's forum in Union on Oct. 4 Paula Sutton saying that the solar lobby is very powerful would be laughable if it was not so craven.  It wasn't so powerful that it overcame the Governor's veto of solar bills that received a clear majority of votes in the Legislature.  These were bills that were hammered out by all the players, including CMP.  Rep. Sutton and the Governor would also have us believe that ratepayers have to pay more because of their "rich" neighbors with solar panels.  This flies in the face of reports one can access at the Public Advocate's Web Site, which indicate a neutral or slight benefit on the power bills of customers without solar panels.  Government subsidies massage the bottom line of fossil fuel companies tens of times more than they do renewable sources of energy.  This is due to the efforts of powerful lobbies such as The American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization, funded by the Koch brothers, that finances the campaigns of like-minded state legislators.  Rep. Sutton was not a clean elections candidate.  Did ALEC help her out?

Yes, how we vote matters.  Instead of voting for the District 95 incumbent, Paula Sutton, it is important that we elect Bill Pluecker for State Representative.


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