Sutton responds to reporter's column

By Paula G. Sutton | Nov 01, 2018

After a long day of knocking on doors and listening to constituents in the district, I opened this week’s paper to discover an October Surprise. Steven Betts’ lengthy article detailed his annoyance that I declined an interview with him.

To begin with, I stand by my position. My personal history, knowledge and observations with Mr. Betts’ reporting style confirmed my decision. Given our ongoing history of “failure to communicate,” I decided to help inform voters by submitting detailed written answers to questions from the Pen Bay Pilot and the Bangor Daily News, both of which agreed to publish my responses unedited. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Betts refused this format.

My duty is to my constituents, not to members of the press.

If reelected to serve the individuals of District 95, the towns of Warren, Appleton, Hope, and part of Union, my legislative priorities focus on continued improvement of economic opportunities for Maine workers.

Government does not create jobs; businesses create jobs, and I support developing a business- and jobs-friendly environment in Maine. That means keeping tax rates competitive with other states, reducing regulations to help make Maine an attractive place to open or expand a business, and lowering the high cost of energy.

Businesses need a skilled workforce. I support expanded vocational training, as well as an emphasis in our schools on preparing students with the skills, knowledge and work habits they will need in the workforce, in higher education and as good citizens. We can pay for this by spending less on administrative costs and returning control locally to parents and communities.

Everywhere I go, my constituents are concerned about the cost of health care. We need solutions to bring costs down, and those solutions will not come from government redistributing the existing costs. To begin with, market-based solutions that encourage people to maintain health savings accounts should be considered. We also need to focus on flexible insurance plans and not bloated, one-size-fits-all plans that pay for everything, which only serve to hide fraud and abuse. When you know your insurance plan is going to pay for it, there is little incentive to shop around or ask questions.

During my time in Augusta, I did not vote in favor of any tax increases; government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

I was nominated by my peers and am honored to have been selected to receive the “2018 Woman of Excellence” award from the National Foundation of Women Legislators; the award ceremony is scheduled in Washington, D.C., in November. My candidacy is also endorsed by the Maine Association of Realtors, Maine Credit Union League, Christian Civic League, NRA and Sportsmen’s Alliance of Maine.

I appreciate Courier Publications' providing me with the opportunity to respond to Mr. Betts’ article. Maine House District 95 voters are welcome to contact me with questions or concerns. My cell is 380-3406 or Be sure to vote Nov. 6; polls are open 8 a.m to 8 p.m. I would be honored to receive your vote.

Paula Sutton, R-Warren, is running for a second term as representative for House District 95, which includes Appleton, Hope, Warren and part of Union.

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Posted by: Barry Douglas Morse | Nov 05, 2018 23:31

"Government does not create jobs; businesses create jobs."  What a quaint notion.  Business creates narrowly held wealth.  Business creates jobs only as a last resort, which is why economic upturns never really feel like economic upturns for a lot of people, and why economics downturns are needlessly harsh.


By the way, which of Mr. Betts' points was your editorial  addressing?  I think none.

Posted by: James Bowers | Nov 01, 2018 12:37

You refused the format that all others accepted with the Courier Gazette. That's all well and good and that's your choice, but this is a lot of whining and it seems like you can't take the heat. So how can you take part in putting a nasty scurrilous attack ad in the Courier Gazette when you can't even take the slightest bit of heat from Mr. Betts?

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