Sunday 4 p.m. October 29 at Speaker's Corner: Rockland Code Enforcement Officer, John Root, to answer our questions.

By ananur forma | Oct 25, 2017

We have invited our Code Enforcement Officer, John Root to come and speak, in Rockland Sunday October 29 from 4 –5 p.m. and he said, “YES!” Bring a folding chair, granite benches are cold at Chapman Park. Also bring a blanket to wrap youself in, it might be cold. John said he will answer any questions that we have. I’m curious about fire safety regulations for proposed ideas floating around about building tiny houses, here in Rockland. You probably have thoughts of your own to ask, so please come! Speaker’s Corner meets Sundays (this will be the last for 2017) at Chapman Park, on the corner of Park & Main Streets, next to Rite Aid in Rockland. FMI


The purpose of the Code Enforcement Office is to protect the lives, safety, and property of all citizens of our community.  An effective enforcement program, which is based upon an implemented and well written, up-to-date Comprehensive Plan, in conjunction with a good workable Ordinance, helps preserve and upgrade neighborhoods, encourages and guides development while limiting inappropriate, incompatible land uses, and protects our local environment and its valuable resources.  The fair and consistent enforcement of our various codes and other regulations also ensures the safety and value of new buildings and improves the conditions of our existing buildings.


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