summer solstice June 21 at 6:52am Sun will enter into Cancer. New Moon June 27 Sun and Moon conjunct at 5 degrees Cancer.

By ananur forma | Jun 16, 2014

June 17-19 the Sun and Mercury will be conjunct (close together) in Gemini which guarantees that your mind will be sped up. You’ll have plenty of insights to share.

June 20 Venus is in an awkward aspect with Pluto which could dredge up old hurt feelings and find you feeling jealous and insecure. These feelings need to be healed.

June 21 is when summer solstice takes place at precisely 6:52 a.m. when the Sun moves into Cancer indicating the first day of summer, officially. This day is the longest period of daylight of the year for us in the northern hemisphere. While the Sun is in Cancer you are apt to dream more and experience your emotions more fully.

June 23 the Sun is in a challenging aspect to Saturn indicating delays and frustration. Venus is aspecting both Mars and Uranus finding you confused about relationships and how to find cooperative decisions that are satisfying. Venus will be entering into Gemini today and remaining in this adaptable air sign until July 18. With Venus in Gemini those Gemini born individuals will find themselves even more outgoing and playful in entertaining new friends.

June 23-25 Mars is now in an opposition aspect to Uranus which is known as an “accident prone time.” Try to avoid impulsive actions and decisions now.

June 25 is a perfect time for writing teaching and learning while Mercury is in a positive aspect with Jupiter.

June 27-29 Venus will be in an awkward aspect with Neptune bringing about confusion and vulnerability. You’re apt to be easily influenced and probably in need of good counsel from a friend that is trustworthy. Also during these two days the Sun is in a super fine aspect to Neptune bringing about spiritual inspiration and increased faith.

June 27 the New Moon takes place at 4:09 a.m. with the Sun and Moon at 5 degrees of Cancer beautifully aspecting Neptune in Pisces. The next 29 ½ days offer us all the opportunity to tune inward and receive Guidance from the Spiritual realms of Truth. Taking some time out for meditation and retreat from everyday routines is highly recommended. Mars is nicely aspecting Saturn which suggests that it’s easy to organize your life in order to take some time out from the external demands of your life.

July 1 is when Mercury will turn direct after having been retrograde since June 7. Mercury will become direct at 8:51 a.m.


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