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Students take strike for climate action to Camden's Village Green

By Susan Mustapich | Nov 12, 2019
Photo by: Susan Mustapich Seventh grade students stood on the Village Green all day Nov. 8, joining others their age around the globe in the Friday school strikes for climate action. From right to left are Winona Lincoln, Camden Contakos, Lola Kydd, Tula Prindiville, Zeke Dietter, Edie Moskovitz and Lulu Van Lonkhuyzen.

CAMDEN — Middle school students stood outside on the Village Green Nov. 8, during the school day, calling for the community to take actions to deal with climate change.

They stood along the sidewalk on Elm Street and atop the granite posts that line the park's perimeter, holding signs high and chanting slogans now taken up by students their age from around the globe.

Drivers passing through downtown Camden honked in agreement with the signs and chants, and passerby stopped briefly to share their support.

The students, all from Camden-Rockport Middle School, were joining Greta Thunberg of Sweden, who has galvanized others around the world, by spending Fridays in a public space to spread the message that there are actions people need to take to reduce the planet's warming temperatures.

The students, braving a cold day outdoors, included Camden Contakos, Zeke Dietter, Lola Kydd, Winona Lincoln, Edie Moskovitz, Tula Prindiville and Lulu Van Lonkhuyzen.

They have a lot of ideas to share. Moskovitz talked about using and refilling water bottles instead of buying water in plastic bottles. "Plastic is one of the biggest contributors to climate change," she said.

Lincoln suggested people "try to find packages that have less plastic." Contakos said "Just don't use plastic at all."

Lola Kydd suggested trying to buy local "when you get meat and veggies." She pointed out that grocery shoppers can skip using the small plastic bags hanging from rolls in fruit and vegetable aisles. "So what if they get a bit bruised," she said.

Lulu Van Lonkhuyzen, who held a sign calling for "System change, not climate change," said "before you buy something, ask yourself if you really need it, because there is just so much waste." Other suggestions from the group were buying clothes from thrift shops and unplugging cell phones "when you are not charging them."

Middle school students used granite posts surrounding the Village Green in Camden as their stage, while holding signs and chanting slogans to raise awareness about climate change. (Photo by: Susan Mustapich)
Signs of our times are held by middle school students, taking their message to Camden's Village Green Nov. 8. (Photo by: Susan Mustapich)
Seventh graders from Camden-Rockport Middle School made signs, and made their points about climate change, Nov. 8 on Camden's Village Green. (Photo by: Susan Mustapich)
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Comments (3)
Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Nov 13, 2019 14:52

....and a little child shall lead them!...How true!   God Bless these students and credit to the parents....right with you on that Carol!

Posted by: claire perry | Nov 13, 2019 08:36

YES !   I support your strike 100%

" “If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity.”
Albert Einstein

Posted by: Ananur Forma | Nov 12, 2019 14:56

Proud of you, all of YOU. Shame on the government to not care, shockingly discouraging and disillusioning. I trusted when I was growing up, not like that now. sad reality we live in. We have to "fight" for what is right. Power to the people.

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