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Students get special visit from Mrs. Maine contestant

By Beth A. Birmingham | Mar 25, 2014
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham Mrs. Lewiston Courtney Bain and Principal Christina Wotton, center, sit amongst fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade students at Prescott Memorial School March 18. The Medomak Valley High School alumnus is vying for Mrs. Maine, and hopefully Mrs. America, and paid a visit to her childhood schools to speak about success.

Washington — Social media serves many purposes in this technology-driven society. For Christina Wotton, principal in Regional School Unit 40, it allowed her to reconnect with someone from her past.

Wotton had been surfing Facebook and found out a former classmate and fellow sports enthusiast had really changed — she has become a contestant for the Mrs. Maine Pageant.

Courtney Vannah Bain, an alumnus of Medomak Valley High School, grew up in Waldoboro. As a child, Bain never thought she would ever do anything successful,  she told students during a visit to Prescott Memorial School. She has surprised even herself in the path her life has taken, she said.

Last October she was named Mrs. Lewiston and now is a contestant for the Mrs. Maine Pageant to be held in April. If she is successful in that venture, Bain will head to Tuscon, Ariz. to compete in the Mrs. America Pageant — which will be nationally televised.

"By far the most exciting opportunity to come from this experience thus far is being asked to visit my hometown school district and give speeches at a couple of the elementary schools," said Bain on her Facebook page.

Upon finding out the wonderful things she has been able to conquer, Wotton invited Bain to speak at several schools in RSU 40 the week of March 17.

Bain's presentations focused on being able to overcome obstacles and self-doubt in order to be successful. Wish it. Dream it. Do it. — The journey to success starts now was the title slide.

"My childhood was just like yours," Bain told the students. She played sports, was part of the student council, drama club, and was into music.

Bain encouraged the students to get involved.

"You can do anything you set your mind to," she said, quoting hockey legend Wayne Gretzky "You'll always miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take."

In closing, her message to the students was to "remember to have fun, don't be afraid to try new things, and love whoever you are."

Following each presentation, Bain held a round table discussion where the students asked questions, got autographs, and shared some of their dreams.

"Their questions were really insightful and cute," Bain said. Some of them asked her who her favorite famous person was, how does she take care of her pets, and what it was like for her in high school.

Bain even got the opportunity to meet one of two students at Prescott Memorial School who had recently participated in a pageant herself.

Fourth-grader Elizabeth Bowman and third-grader Megan Lee had participated in the Lollipops and Gumdrops Pageant at the Thompson Community Center in Union March 15.

Bain's journey can be followed on her Facebook page.

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Posted by: Prock Marine Company | Mar 26, 2014 08:18

I'm very happy for Courtney and proud to know her!  ~Cindy Prock

Posted by: avery brott | Mar 26, 2014 00:38

She's an alumna, not an alumnus.

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