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State reports labor reward quantities in pre-pandemic days

By Stephen Betts | Sep 06, 2020
Photo by: Stephen Betts

Knox County workers saw record employment and pay last year which may seem like a distant memory for many in the COVID-19 world.

The Maine Department of Labor issued its annual occupational employment and wage estimates for 2019 which showed the average pay for a worker in Knox County was $44,985. That represented a 5.9% increase from $42,480 in 2018.

The number of people employed on average during 2019 was 18,230, up from 17,960 in 2018.

Physicians earned the most money, according to the state labor department report. Medical doctors in Knox County earned $248,349 on average during 2019, according to the report.

The 540 registered nurses working in Knox County earned an average of $63,770. The 300 home health and personal care aides earned an average of $24,406.

Management analysts earned $158,981 on average in 2019 in Knox County, according to the state report. The 40 chief executive officers earned an average last year of $146,724 in Knox County.

Software developers earned $113,675 on average while computer programmers $90,575.

In the category of architects and engineers, the 120 people in those professions earned an average of $78,565.

The 910 people who worked in construction earned an average of $41,236.

Office and administrative support workers — totaling 2,700 — were paid $36,749.

The 1,940 people working in the food preparation business earned an average of $28,518.

The 800 workers in installation, maintenance and repair jobs were paid an average $50,659.

The 760 people employed in building and ground maintenance were paid $29,870 on average.

Retail sales workers — numbering 650 in Knox County — earned $29,827. The 260 cashiers were paid $25,226.

The 1,310 people who work in production businesses were paid an average of $42,792. The 110 welders included in this category, for example, were paid $45,165.

The 1,360 people employed in the transportation industry in Knox County were paid $34,746. There was a wide range of pay within this industry with the 30 captains and pilots making $79,402; the 170 drivers of large trucks $42,612; the 280 light truck drivers $35,775; and the 220 people who stock trucks $27,861.

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Comments (1)
Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Sep 06, 2020 08:50

Mr. Betts you are good with stats, help me with this one.  Lowest paid workers, Food service average $28,500 divided by 2080 annual hours worked equals about $13.70 an hour.  Did I do this correctly ?  If so that would mean the average local worker is paid more than minimum wage and that all this discussion about raising the minimum wage is meaningless because the market place forces self corrects.

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