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State details crime rates for local communities

By Stephen Betts | Jan 17, 2021

Rockland recorded its fewest crimes on record in 2019, a state report showed. But Thomaston saw an increase in thefts.

The 2019 Crime in Maine Report was released Dec. 28 by the Maine Department of Public Safety. The state has been compiling these uniform crime reports since 1973. The numbers for 2020 are not available yet.

Rockland saw the fewest number of serious crimes during 2019, since record keeping began 47 years ago.

Rockland recorded 123 of the eight serious crimes compiled in the uniform crime reports. The uniform crimes which are used to determine rates include murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, stolen motor vehicles and arson.

Rockland saw the number of reported serious crimes decline again, dropping to a record low of 123 in 2019. This is down from 151 in 2018 and 173 in 2016.

As late as 2010, Rockland had 427 of these crimes reported. The record high was 749 in 1980.

The aging of the population has also been cited as a reason for the decline, since older people tend to commit fewer crimes. In addition, the relocation of Wal-Mart to Thomaston in October 2013 led to a decline in larcenies within Rockland.

Cooperation between Rockland police and other departments, as well as crime prevention education with businesses has also been credited with improvements in the city crime picture.

In 2019, Rockland reported 102 larcenies, which would consist of shoplifting and other thefts. This is down from 135 larcenies in 2018.

There were no murders in Rockland in 2019.

One rape was reported in 2019. This compares to two reported in 2018.

There were no robberies reported in 2019 in Rockland. There were also none reported in 2018.

Eight burglaries were recorded in Rockland in 2019, up from seven in 2018.

Three aggravated assaults were reported in Rockland in 2019. This is up from two in 2018. Aggravated assaults are assaults in which there were serious injuries or weapons were used.

Eight motor vehicles were stolen in 2019, up from five in 2018.

One arson was reported. There were none in 2018.

Rockland cleared 37% of those offenses.

Rockland's number of crimes was the 29th highest in Maine.


Thomaston reported 65 of the serious crimes during 2019.

This consisted overwhelmingly of larcenies with 54 of the offenses being that category.

There were also four burglaries reported and seven stolen motor vehicles.

Fifteen percent of the offenses were solved.

Earlier this month, Thomaston Police Chief Tim Hoppe said since Walmart opened in Thomaston, the police force has dealt with 1,316 complaints related to the store. Walmart opened its Thomaston store in October 2013.


The Camden Police Department reported three offenses in Camden that fall into the serious categories listed in the uniform crime reports by the state. All three offenses were larcenies.

The department solved all three offenses.

Camden also serves Rockport which had 19 offenses listed. That included 15 larcenies, two burglaries, one aggravated assault, and one stolen motor vehicle.

Fifty-eight percent of those crimes were solved.

Camden Police Chief Randy Gagne said the department responded to 7,046 complaints overall and issued 85 summonses and 26 arrests which included 16 OUIs.

Sheriff's Office

The state report shows the Knox County Sheriff's Office handled 162 of the serious offenses.

That included 122 larcenies, 21 burglaries, five aggravated assaults, 13 stolen vehicles and one arson.

The department solved 35% of those offenses.

The Sheriff's Office responded to 11,107 overall calls for service. The department also arrested or issued summons to 595 people for criminal offenses. The department also issued summonses to 140 people for civil and traffic offenses.

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Comments (3)
Posted by: Crawford L Robinson | Jan 20, 2021 17:33

Why are we spending 2.2 million a year for almost no crime and a meager 37% clearance rate?

Posted by: Christine Clayton | Jan 19, 2021 20:18

Reduction in crime year over year. Sure, lets defund our incredible police department.

Eye roll....

Will Clayton

Posted by: Christine Clayton | Jan 19, 2021 20:08

Thank you RPD!!!

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