St. John's in Thomaston Celebrates 150 years

The Episcopal Church of St. John Baptist

The Episcopal Church of St. John Baptist in Thomaston is celebrating its 150th year.  In 1867 a small group began to regularly pray together and hold services in what would be the start of St. John's parish.  They met first in the Unitarian Church and then several other locations before building the structure that still stands on the corner of Main and Green Sts.

There will be cook out after the 10 am service on Sunday, August 6th to celebrate the parish's beginning as well as her ongoing ministry in our community.

St. John's is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine and the Anglican Communion of Episcopalians around the world.  It is one of the many members of the Christian faith, one that holds to the traditions that have given the church meaning, as well as holding onto the importance of the Holy Scripture as containing all things necessary for our salvation and also the need of our own experience of faith and belief as a part which connects us with others who also have come to experience a taste of the wonders of God.  The Episcopal Church has oversight from the larger church in the person of the Bishop, and also maintains an important degree of self government.

St. John's has been known for her deep commitment to the community in a wide range of support and involvement, as well as for her love and gift of music.  It has been known as a great place to sing for many years, especially during the last quarter century under the direction of her Music Director, Dr.Anthony Antolini.

St. John's and the Thomaston Baptist Church, which is across the street, have two of the longest serving pastors in the state of Maine.  In an age when pastors often only stay for a few years, These two churches have maintained a consistency of leadership through many decades,  The Rev. Wayne Sawyer, at the Baptist Church, has been there for 32 years now and the Rev. Peter Jenks, at St. John's, has now been there for 25 years, having arrived in August of 1992.



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Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Aug 05, 2017 16:45

Congratulations to Rev. Jenks and St. John's congregation. Both Rev. Wayne Sawyer and Rev. Peter are great additions to our local community in MANY ways.  They serve in the way Jesus intended when preaching the Sermon on the Mount. 

Here they are with the pastor of Thomaston Federated Church as they encourage one another.

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