St. George select board to continue school district withdrawal talks

By Juliette Laaka | Nov 09, 2012
Photo by: Juliette Laaka School Board Member Sherman Hoyt speaks to residents at a public hearing regarding the town's education options. Terry Driscoll, the education committee chair, looks on.

St. George — John Snow, chairman of the St. George Board of Selectmen, said the board was interested in receiving community input before making a decision to support or forgo withdrawal from Regional School Unit 13.

"It brings benefits and other aspects that need development and understanding," he said, adding the result of the non-binding referendum vote is "very important."

On Nov. 6, voters in St. George overwhelmingly supported pursuing withdrawal — voting 495 to 134 in favor of a non-binding referendum to disband from the district.

The board will meet Monday, Nov. 19 to discuss action and potentially make a decision on how to proceed. The meeting begins at 7 p.m.

The town education committee was formed in 2011 by the town's select board to research the town's feasible educational options after action to retain the St. George eighth-grade in perpetuity was shut down.

Don Choquette, education committee member said the vote was significant, calling the support of townspeople "step one."

"We know how people feel — it's up to the selectmen to take it from there," he said.

Choquette will attend the Nov. 19 meeting and said he's not sure what the board will decide.

The committee submitted a report to the board in October outlining the town's options and financial capability in creating an independent district. The report and budget are available  on the St. George town website.

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Posted by: Angela Vachon | Nov 10, 2012 06:10

Mrs. Wilson,

When there is a table such that the TEC had at the polls, it is not allowable to "bark" people over to discuss the issue...  if you are at the polling place for any amount of time, you will notice that most voters just go in, do their civic duty and get on with life, no chatting w/ the transfer station folks, no signing of any petition that might be there for one cause or another... I  believe no one fully expects that the majority of ballot voters would stop.  I do believe two things: that this is a telling sign that IF it was on the ballot, the outcome would be also in favor (much like our desire to NOT consolidate) and:  to NOT vote is to vote.

Mr. Randall,  you think your tired of the story....  ;)



Posted by: Richard Randall | Nov 09, 2012 16:04

This is becoming a really tired story!


Posted by: Marguerite R Wilson | Nov 09, 2012 09:54

It is interesting that the overwhelming "vote" actually had less than half the people who voted in the real election never even expressed their opinion on this subject! There were 1500 plus volts cast and only 629 people bothered to participate in the survey. Hardly a landslide. Let's work to improve education in RSU 13 instead of wasting money and energy on withdrawl.

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