St. George man pleads guilty to 27 theft, burglary charges

By Juliette Laaka | Sep 20, 2013
Ricky Block.

Rockland — A 47-year-old Tenants Harbor man pleaded guilty to 27 charges Sept. 20 in Knox County Superior Court, following two arrests for stealing items ranging from toilet paper to a $3,000 watch.

Ricky Block, with his attorney Roger Hurley of Camden, decided to plead guilty to the charges and forgo a trial. The state dismissed two charges.

A plea agreement calls for Block to be sentenced to nine years, which will be served concurrently, and he will serve  three years probation upon release. If he violates probation, he may serve 10 additional years to account for charges in Penobscot County, for which sentencing has been suspended.

Block also admitted to violating probation, writing a bad check, possessing a firearm as a prohibited person and operating a motor vehicle without a license.

Hurley said Block was second-guessing himself in his decision to plead guilty to the charges, and said they had gone over the decision "a zillion times."

"He is extremely concerned and scared," Hurley said of his client.

Block's theft spree spanned six towns in the Midcoast, and police determined he has stolen thousands of items, including guns, jewelry and television sets.

A collaborative effort by the Knox County Sheriff's Office, the Thomaston Police Department and the Rockland Police Department resulted in Block's arrest for the burglaries, said Thomaston Police Chief Kevin Haj last year.

Block was arrested last October by Sgt. Timothy Hoppe of the Thomaston Police Department. When he was released from custody on bail, he was apprehended a second time for thefts in November.

Block has previously served time for burglary.

The investigation began when Deputy Nathaniel Jack of the Knox County Sheriff's Office conducted a routine traffic stop and the operator of the vehicle was arrested. The person operating the vehicle was in possession of several women's rings and photos of the jewelery were taken by Jack.

Two search warrants of Block's home in Tenants Harbor recovered the many stolen items. Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Baroody said if the case was to go to trial, the state would introduce testimony form law enforcement and victims.

The recovered items from Block's apartment were sorted and documented in a photo catalog. Some items have been identified by owners.

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Comments (3)
Posted by: Chris Merritt | Sep 22, 2013 08:33

He broke into my moms house as well.  Her life has been changed since.  This sentence is a joke.  He stole 2 guns and a bunch of other stuff.  We never got the 2 guns back.  The 9 years should be per count not for all counts.  He will never learn his lesson, he's already proven that.  I'm glad he's off the street for 9 years, but he shouldn't be allowed back on the street at all.

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Sep 21, 2013 17:49

"He is extremely concerned and scared". I wonder if he felt that way when he was stealing from people. What a joke.

Posted by: Paul Jackson | Sep 21, 2013 17:08

As far as my wife and I are concerned, Mr. block should have been charged with the other county's thefts as well and not able to make a plea agreement.  To this day, our lives are affected due to the theft in our home.  We always look at the front door to see if its open when we come into our driveway as this was the first thing we noticed when we were robbed last year.  Does anyone actually believe Mr. Block has learned his lesson considering that he still robbed others after his release on bail last year?  Why should we expect anything different when he gets out after serving this sentence?

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