St. George man gets 18 months for trying to strangle woman in front of children

By Stephen Betts | Feb 15, 2019
Source: File photo

Rockland — A 37-year-old St. George man with a history of domestic violence was sentenced Thursday, Feb. 14, to 18 months in prison for trying to strangle a woman.

Michael E. Wiley was sentenced by Judge Paul Mathews in Knox County court to seven years in prison with all but 18 months suspended. Wiley will be on probation for three years upon his release from prison.

Assistant District Attorney Christopher Fernald said the sentence agreement was a compromise following extensive discussions. He said the victim was cooperative at times, but other times was not cooperative with the prosecution.

Wiley was arrested Oct. 15 and has been held at the Knox County Jail since Thomaston Police Officer Jacob Labo responded to a domestic disturbance call. When he arrived he could hear a man screaming inside. When the officer knocked on the door, the woman screamed for help, but the door was locked.

The officer broke in the door and saw Wiley punching the woman in the ribs and abdomen, according to the police affidavit. The victim's mother was trying to separate the two, and she was holding a 1-year-old child in her arms.

The officer subdued Wiley and handcuffed him.

The victim said that Wiley had tried to strangle her the previous night in front of three young children. The woman had marks on her neck and her voice was raspy, Fernald said.

Wiley had been free on bail for a June 2018 charge of criminal threatening in Thomaston. He was prohibited from being in contact with the woman, who was also the victim in the Oct. 15 assault. He was also barred from being in contact with the victim's mother and the children.

Wiley has two prior felony assaults -- in 2009 in Knox County and 2010 in Lincoln County.

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Posted by: Deborah Clarisse Morrison | Feb 18, 2019 12:34

3 witnesses...the police, the woman and her mother yet we have extensive discussions.  The discussions should be how can we get the maximum sentence!!!

Posted by: Carleton Ingerson | Feb 16, 2019 08:13

The justice system in the State of Maine has become a joke.

Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Feb 15, 2019 13:00

Attempted murder and just a slap on the hand? Unbelievable!

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