Speaker's Corner features Lisa Westkaemper Sunday, October 15. She is running for city council.

By ananur forma | Oct 11, 2017


Lisa Westkaemper lives on Broadway in Rockland. She and her husband, Alva, fell in love with Rockland and moved here 3 years ago.

Voting day is November 7 for Rockland city council.

*Learn more about her at the Speaker's Corner, 4-5 p.m. Sunday October 15th at the corner of Park and Main Streets next to Rite Aid, bring a folding chair, the granite benches get cold. I'll bring some extra ones from my house.*

Westkaemper's career has been as an arts administrator. She has been employed as the executive director of an arts umbrella organization in Austin, Texas, where she served as an arts advocate and representative of the theater community. She served a two-year term on the Justin City Council, a city of about 3,200 residents in northern Texas in 2012-2013, and she's already on the board of the Millay House, in Rockland.

Westkaemper said the architecture and the availability of cultural events were among the things that attracted her, and her husband to Rockland.

And the list goes on. I shortened the list of her qualifications. She is highly qualified, there’s no doubt about that, and she loves Rockland, so you ought to come and hear her.


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