South Thomaston residents asked to accept Gilford Butler School

By Stephen Betts | Sep 07, 2018
Photo by: Stephen Betts The former Gilford Butler School in South Thomaston.

South Thomaston — A special town meeting will be held next month to decide whether the town should take ownership of the former Gilford Butler School.

Board of Selectmen Chair Walter Reitz said the Gilford Butler Futures Committee has recommended the town accept the school.

What the town will do with the building and property, however, is not certain.

"The committee is in a brainstorming mode," Reitz said.

The committee will hold a public hearing at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 26, at the municipal building. At that meeting, Reitz said, the committee wants to hear ideas from residents about possible uses for the former school.

The special town meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 30, at the municipal building.

The Regional School Unit 13 Board has voted to offer the school to the town. The school was built in 1955.

Architect John Hansen is developing a condition report on the building, Reitz said.

The Ash Point Community School will open Monday, Sept. 10, and students who had been going to Gilford Butler will be attending the new pre-kindergarten-through-fifth-grade school in Owls Head.


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Posted by: johanna stadler | Sep 09, 2018 17:27

wow sounds like some folks think south thomaston is made of money.  maybe thomaston could join in and donate montpelier.  It's much more homey after all

Posted by: Jane Karker | Sep 08, 2018 06:35

What about the guy(s) who has a faith-based rehab program for young people in our Lobster fishing industry who are addicted to opioids. He seems to be making a difference. Maybe he could use the extra space. Although a school is a pretty cold and un-homey place so it may not be much help to him. A house had a warmer atmosphere for those struggling to overcome addiction.   I say the town rents it out as a temperature-control storage facility, broken into units then uses the income to buy the opioid recovery program another house, food, supplies and pay professionals to help him facilitate the program. There are a lot of baby boomers moving in and needing storage space. The opioid problem is huge in our town. Let’s be the first to address it. Plus there is no law that a town cannot work with a faith-based rehab program. We need to do whatever works.

Posted by: Ian Emmott | Sep 07, 2018 22:08

Not sure why we build, tear down... build then tear down again. Taxes will only continue to rise if we keep doing this. It’s an edifice....

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