UPDATED: South Thomaston crash stops traffic on Route 131

By Staff | Feb 27, 2013
Photo by: Dave Libby Police respond to a two-vehicle crash on Route 131 on the evening of Feb. 27.

South Thomaston — A head-on collision in slippery road conditions caused injuries and blocked traffic on Route 131 in South Thomaston on the evening of Feb. 27, according to the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

The crash involved four vehicles near Box 571.

Clayton Philbrook, 32, of Arundle, was traveling south on Route 131 and started to slide sideways, according to information provided by Sheriff Donna Dennison. Philbrook's vehicle spun into the northbound lane and struck a vehicle driven by Candice Carpentier, 31, of St. George, who then struck Penelope Fontanez, 54, of St. George, and then continued into the southbound lane, striking Melissa Delano, 39, of St. George head-on.

Penelope Fontanez, Melissa Delano and her son were taken to PenBay Medical Center for complaint of pain.

Deputies Nathaniel Jack, David Johnson and Lt. Kirk Guerrette responded to the crash.


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Posted by: Laura Libby-Campbell | Mar 01, 2013 02:59

Since when did this turn into an article about bashing the vehicle's condition one drives? 

Posted by: RUTH ROWLING MAXFIELD | Feb 28, 2013 17:00

An observation:  Headlines tell us that two cars were involved . . then almost immediately the text says "four".  Just sayin'.   My solution to bad roads?  Staying home!  (But then - I'm retired!)  Hope all are ok!

Posted by: Jennifer J Dostie Stewart | Feb 28, 2013 11:53

I hope everyone is okay! Everyone should take extra care in bad weather no matter what they drive. My sister drives to bath daily in a two wheel drive car. She drives safely and being raised in Maine, she knows how to drive properly.

Posted by: Dave Getchell | Feb 28, 2013 10:20

At least the story parsed the cause, "believed to be related to slippery conditions..." and not the very annoying excuse of "accident was caused by slippery conditions"

Slippery roads do NOT cause accidents by themselves. Driving too fast for conditions, with inadequate equipment, following too closely, driver inattention...or some bad combination of all of the above--THAT's what causes accidents on wintry roads.

Posted by: Susan Sinclair | Feb 28, 2013 10:04

Your vehicle will always obey the laws...OF PHYSICS! Please slow down, even if it means the jerk behind you gets cranky. And, hey jerk, one car length per 10 miles per hour, even more in bad weather. You won't push me any faster by being on my rear end. And everyone, shell out a few extra bucks for good snow tires. And how does ANYONE exist around here without an all wheel drive vehicle?? Bad drivers with vehicles in poor condition put us all at risk, no matter how carefully the rest of us drive.

Posted by: Paula Frank | Feb 27, 2013 21:06

You know sometimes people really do know more then of what happened then what was posted here.  I knew about this story and more LONG before it was posted in here.  I was no where near the place. Just keep in mind before you assume that you can read it all here.  I wouldn't say he knows more then "the rest of us" Thanks, Respectfully

Posted by: JoAnn Hoppe | Feb 27, 2013 19:53

Hope everyone is okay ! That is a bad stretch there, coming down that incline towards Dave's....almost like a pull in the road.  I have seen several accidents there in that spot over the last several years. 

Posted by: Jeanmarie Koenig | Feb 27, 2013 19:14

Huh?  Mr. Frye, I guess you know more than the rest of us.? No, names-released.?  Please, for the sake of all parents, friends, neighbors... Make sure your facts are true.   thanks, respectfully. ...

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