Solar Eclipse August 11  at 6 a.m. by Astrology with Ananur Forma. Mercury retrograde till August 19 at 12:25 a.m.

By ananur forma | Jul 31, 2018

August 2018 calculated & interpreted for the USA east coast by Ananur 207-594-2565 on the rocky coast of Maine


July 26 - August 19 Mercury is retrograde, by now you know what this is all about, right?

Communications are problematic if you are not paying close attention to what is said there will be misunderstandings and tension. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. need attention as Mercury while retrograde does cause problems. Also computer, electrical machines and devices are all vulnerable during this phase as well. It would be smart not to sign a legal document, if you can help it, until after August 19. It can cause some sort of issue: they type your name or address incorrectly and it has to be done over, which then....takes more time.


August 1(first) remain cautious & alert. Mars is still in a challenging (square) aspect to Uranus, since July 28. There is danger. Be careful while driving. Do you know about all the fires raging in northern California? That’s danger, for sure! Also earthquake off the coast of Ca. There’s so much going on now, it’s hard to keep up. This is known as an “accident prone time.” I always make a point to alert you, about this.



August 3-6 the Sun will be in an awkward aspect to Jupiter. Too much of a good thing can create problems- especially for the liver, if we’re talking about over indulging in food, and drink. It’s also a time when there is an attraction for gambling- feeling “lucky.” This can bring about an unrealistic expectation that you obsess about… wanting it to come true.


August 5-7 Venus is in a positive (trine) aspect to Mars signaling romance and creativity.



August 6 – September 9 Venus enters Libra and remains in this partner oriented, fairness & justice oriented, romantic, artistic, procrastinating, beauty loving, rational air sign. We tend to be more aware of how you can create and maintain an equalitarian style relationship.


August 11 another Solar Eclipse (New Moon) at 5:58 a.m., with the Sun and Moon at 16 degrees Leo and in an awkward aspect to Pluto at 19 degrees (retrograde) of Capricorn PLUS awkwardly aspecting Neptune at 16 degrees Pisces. Make sure your drinking water is “good.” Take super good care of your health. Get rest when needed. Your immune system needs protection and boosting! There's more to say about this as the time draws nearer.

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