Snow Bowl expands beer and wine service

Food will be served outside the lodge in 2019
By Susan Mustapich | Jan 02, 2019
Source: File photo Food and alcohol service at the Big T Snack Shack at the Snow Bowl is expanding for the 2019 ski season.

CAMDEN — Beer and wine will be served at the Camden Snow Bowl from 2 p.m. to closing during the 2019 ski season, more than tripling the hours for a service first offered in 2018.

The new hours for beer and wine service will be 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, and 2 to 8 p.m. Wednesdays through Fridays, while the lifts and slopes are open.

Limited alcohol service began in 2018 for the first time in the town-owned ski area's history, at the suggestion of food and beverage vendor Mark Senders. Senders won the bid for the the ski area's food service concession in 2018, opening the Big T Snack Shack, and also owns The Bagel Cafe LLC. The hours beer and wine were served last year were limited to no more than three hours Fridays and Saturdays. after the ski lifts closed.

When The Bagel Cafe's food and liquor license came up for renewal in December, Senders told Select Board members that the 2018 plan did not work. He said it was hard to get people to stay at the Snow Bowl after the lifts close on a Friday night.

Senders asked for and received authorization in his contract to serve food anywhere on the Snow Bowl site, with permission of General Manager Beth Ward. He explained that the concession area in the lodge was too small, and the line for food was too long.

The only way to shorten the line is to set up a tent outside where food can be served, according to Senders. The concession would be the nucleus where food is prepared, he said. Then food and snacks can be served in a tent outside when the ski area is busy. He said he saw outdoor food service being offered a maximum of about three hours a day.

Select Board member Alision McKellar was concerned that outdoor food service would add to the problem of blowing litter. Board members Jenna Lookner and Marc Ratner raised the issue of objections in the past to food served outside the lodge from neighbors in the Hosmer Pond area.

Senders said the Big T Snack Shack significantly diminished litter when it obtained the concession last year by eliminating sales of candy. He said he would keep litter reduction in mind when setting up food service outdoors.

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