Simple Ways to Make Money in College

By Jennifer Noble | Jul 12, 2017

Money is one thing every student needs while they are in college. This can be hard to obtain as most people's school workload keeps them quite busy. However, there are a number of ways, from where a student can easily earn some money.

  • Content Writing: This is one type of freelancing job, which everyone can do, with a basic knowledge of English. Students can easily look for these types of freelancing jobs online and can earn a good amount of money with volume. One important issue to avoid is taking on too big a workload and have their studies get hampered due to the work pressure.

  • Sell old books: This is another way, from which a student can fund their daily expenses. At the end of each semester, students no longer have a use for their overpriced textbooks. Don’t let the stack of free money gain dust in the closet or be thrown out. If a student can sell old books somewhere, they can earn a quite a bit of money easily.

  • Gaming Accounts: Gaming is one such thing, which nearly every student has done in their life. There is a large market these days for experienced accounts that people are willing to pay good money for. If you are not into gaming anymore, you can very well sell your accounts for some money.

  • Watch Videos: If you find yourself with some leisure time you can watch videos and be paid for it. There are a number of companies, who offer money for watching their videos.

  • Virtual Employer: Every student has some hidden talents in them. You can very well outsource your talents on the web with the help of some of the freelancing sites available. Some freelancing jobs related to your studies are in demand like graphic designing, animation and many more options.


There are many ways, from where a student can easily earn some money to keep them above water financially. Apart from the above points, there are tons of other sources from which you can generate money, you just need to do the research.


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