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Should towns restrict where dogs can walk?

Jul 11, 2014
"If they are tended to and on a leash I think it is perfectly acceptable." — Sylvia Pearlman, St. George

The Courier-Gazette staff asked, "Should towns restrict where dogs can walk?"

"As long as they are on a leash. Some people let them run ahead and you don't know how the dog will react." — Karen Oakes, Tenants Harbor
"As long as people take the initiative to clean up after their pets it's fine." — Robert Grierson, South Thomaston
"As long as they are leashed it doesn't bother me." — Stephanie Oakes, Rockland
"They shouldn't be allowed on the boardwalk. Half the time people don't clean up after their dogs." — Darlene Grierson, South Thomaston
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Posted by: Susan Dumond | Jul 14, 2014 12:40

As long as the dogs are under control and their waste is picked up there should be no problem.  I do have a problem with using the board walk as a bike ramp to do tricks on.  There are a lot of older people that walk there so if the person on a bike is considerate and cautious, it would work.  There a lot of spokes and seats being destroyed by humans and not dogs.  This is a very special place to be able to walk and we should treat it like.  The board walk is privately owned so we are lucky we can walk there.  I walk there twice and sometimes 3 times a day and 90% of the people walking their dogs are responsible about their dogs.  It wouldn't hurt to have the police ride their bikes once a day on it. 

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Jul 13, 2014 17:00

I pick trash off my lawn everyday. I don't litter and I clean up after my two Shih-tzus so it irritates me to clean up after others. As a side note, I'd rather see people from out of town banned from the boardwalk as well as bicyclists and parents that can't control their kids.

Posted by: David R. Woodbury | Jul 13, 2014 12:59


Posted by: Ron Hawkes | Jul 13, 2014 06:45

Everywhere I walk with my dog I see much more human waste of various kinds, trash, cig butts, sandwich wrappers, paper cups, etc, etc, So I guess that would mean that Humans should not be allowed to walk in town without carrying a trash bag to put their trash in. There are no where's near the number of irresponsible pet owners as there are irresponsible humans that throw trash anywhere they want. And no towns should not restrict where a dog can be walked. I do however believe that the leash law is good, not because I want my dog on a leash, but because people can not be trusted around animals.

Posted by: Laura Libby-Campbell | Jul 12, 2014 06:52

So Susan...would you say it's fair then if they put up an ordinance that allowed where us humans can walk?  I've seen some people that scare me more than a leashed dog does.  If you want quiet enjoyment then I would suggest you go walk a secluded beach that isn't even fit for an animal...no chance of running into a dog there.  And according to you...HUMANS are the only one with Rights.  SMDH

Posted by: Judith Gushee | Jul 12, 2014 06:28

Why is this a question?  Is something under consideration that may impact where dogs can walk.

Posted by: Susan Sinclair | Jul 11, 2014 16:16

I think the huge operative word here is "if". A few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch. Of COURSE towns should be able to regulate where pets are allowed. Pet owners are not all responsible. Dogs are ANIMALS, the dog doesn't care where they walk or where they poop or whose child they bite. Towns need to enforce THE HUMAN'S right to quiet enjoyment without worrying about other people's pets' behavior.

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