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Should recreational marijuana be legal?

By Staff | Apr 22, 2014

Colorado and Washington state have begun to tax and regulate recreational marijuana, and 18 other states, including Maine, have legalized medical marijuana.

According to Reuters, Colorado has earmarked $40 million in tax revenue from recreational marijuana sales to fund schools.

Opponents argue legalizing marijuana leads to increased substance abuse problems and sends the message to children that drug use is acceptable. Many are also concerned about the impact that smoking marijuana will have on users' health.

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Posted by: Bridget & Richard Qualey/Stetson | Apr 23, 2014 19:10

@DanDunkle, I've taken various on-line polls that allows my computer to register only one response. So the software is out there. It takes much less "work" to sit there and click a computer check-box than to make a phone call re: that there have always been ways to skew a poll, besides, I am NOT interested in skewing a poll but curious where the issue stands by individuals. My consideration of the results of your polls will be made with the process in mind.

Posted by: Dan Dunkle | Apr 23, 2014 16:37

Not sure how we could do that. In the old days, we did a call in survey. You would dial a number to vote for yes, no, or undecided. People could dial the same number over and over again. Even if we had a system that tried to do that, there would probably be a work-around if someone wanted to skew the results.

Posted by: VALERIE ANN ORR | Apr 23, 2014 11:27



Posted by: Dennis Putansu | Apr 23, 2014 09:54

Seriously, Submit another response!

Posted by: Bridget & Richard Qualey/Stetson | Apr 22, 2014 16:45

What kind of a poll lets one individual (or computer) take the poll more than one time? A message pops up and offers "Do you want to take the poll again" or something like that. That doesn't seem like a great way to get a true pulse on things.

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